19 sleep shorts to wear while its hot for some comfortable coverage as you snooze

Ever heard of sleep shorts? If you sometimes want something with a little more…er, coverage than cotton underwear to wear with your night dress or baggy slogan T-shirt , then sleep shorts are your ticket. Trust us, they’re as comfy as slipping on your best tracksuit after a long day.

We all have our favourite pyjamas (we can’t be the only one with a selection of luxury pyjamas, Christmas pyjamas and time-of-the-month pyjamas), but sometimes we need that middle ground between loungewear and sleepwear, and that’s where sleep shorts come in.

You can opt for a fitted silhouette, not too dissimilar to boxer-style briefs, or something looser for a bit more freedom.

What are sleep shorts?

Simply put, they’re like underwear to sleep in. That said, they’re a lot more breathable than your day-to-day lingerie probably is (i.e. less lace and more cotton). It’s really down to personal preference when it comes to choosing sleep shorts and, indeed, what you class as sleep shorts.

Everyone has different opinions, some argue that pyjama shorts are the same as sleep shorts and others disagree. As a general rule of thumb, they’re similar to lounge shorts but probably a bit too short to wear outside your house – if you catch our drift.

Androgynous brand Hommegirls has created this pair of cotton boy shorts with menswear-inspired details on the crotch for that borrowed-from-the-boys finish. They’re fitted like underwear, but are longer in the leg like pyjamas.

Similarly, these Flexifit High Rise Sleep Knickers from M&S are made from a lightweight and stretchy fabric which moves with you for all-night comfort. Finally, for something looser, look to Chelsea Peers’ Organic Cotton Blend Drawcord Shorts or Calvin Klein’s Reimagined Heritage Shorts.

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