25 points Ted Cruz has actually voted versus this year

Ted Cruz has been a thorn in the side of Joe Biden because turning down the results of the 2020 election in January.

The Texas legislator on Wednesday was among 6 Republicans to oppose enhancing the US federal government’s action to climbing anti-Asian hate criminal offenses, following the Covid episode.

The ‘No’ ballot was criticised for being an additional debatable rejection of the Biden management schedule, and also complies with ballot versus almost every Cabinet secretary of Mr Biden’s in recent weeks– although the initiatives, in the end, failed.

All the expenses Mr Cruz has elected ‘No’ to in the US Senate so for this year, are listed below:

The US 2020 political election results

Not an expense, yet notorious for coming in the hours after supporters of former president Donald Trump– wrongly pointing out political election scams– stormed the United States Capitol in events that killed 5 people, including a Capitol Police officer.

Mr Cruz was amongst 8 Republican senators to deny the results in a joint session of Congress, which was unsurprising, provided his support for Mr Trump and also claims of a deceptive election– for which there was never ever any type of real evidence.

Nomination of Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence

The very first woman nominated for the duty at the top of the nation’s knowledge company, as well as the very first of Mr Biden’s choices for Cabinet secretary to go in front of senators for verification.

Mr Cruz as well as 9 various other Republicans voted ‘No’ to the nomination of Ms Haines in January, stopping working.

Nomination of Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury

Following the being rejected of Ms Yellen’s visit to the top of the United States Federal Reserve by former president Barack Obama in 2014, Mr Cruz once more opposed assigning Ms Yellen to the top of the United States treasury by Mr Biden, but failed.

Eight-four legislators voted in favour of the Secretary of the Treasury, and also the initial lady in the function.

Nomination of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State

Mr Blinken is at the top of the Biden management and also fourth eligible governmental sequence, following his verification as Sectary of State by 74 senators– not consisting of the Texas senator, Mr Cruz.

Issuing a declaration, Mr Cruz claimed the Secretary of State “will hazardously erode America’s nationwide security and will certainly place the Biden administration on a collision course with Congress”.

That, obviously, continues to be to be seen with the US president already turning around the “America First” schedule of the Trump management.

Election of Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation

The first openly gay member of the United States Cabinet, Mr Buttigieg received the assistance of 86 senators following his election to the role of transport secretary.

Mr Cruz elected ‘No’ to the visit, after charging Mr Buttigieg as well as Mr Biden of cancelling the Keystone oil pipe as well as tasks associated with the task.

The incoming transportation assistant was commemorated for informing the Texas senator that the future will evaluate them on “whether we did sufficient to quit the devastation of life and also residential or commercial property due to climate adjustment”. That is, rather than earnings for oil companies.

Nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security

Mr Mayorkas’s confirmation as homeland safety assistant was authorized by the tightest margin of any of Mr Biden’s nominees– with 54 votes– placing the Obama-era official accountable of the nation’s immigration and national protection schedule.

In an initiative to thwart the appointment of the very first Latino to lead the Department of Homeland Security, Mr Cruz tweeted that Mr Mayorkas “has shown a repeated neglect for the policy of regulation”, and also in a declaration, implicated him of a number of “policy failings” during his time in workplace.

The budget resolution for 2021

The passing away of the budget plan resolution by the United States Senate paved the way for Mr Biden’s $1.9 trillion (₤ 1.3 trillion) Covid relief bundle– accepted in March.

Republicans, including Mr Cruz, opposed the bill with complaints of overspending, and also the death of the Covid alleviation using the procedure of a budget plan resolution to avoid a 60-vote filibuster.

Nomination of Denis McDonough as Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Mr McDonough encounters the challenges of Covid vaccination management as well as of reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs, after 87 senators elected the previous chief of staff for Mr Obama.

During the confirmation, Mr Cruz voted ‘No’, having actually come under fire from Mr McDonough in 2013 for suggesting that United States soldiers in Syria would “act as Al Qaeda’s air force”.

The second impeachment of previous head of state Trump

The 2nd impeachment test of Mr Trump in the senate concluded with Mr Cruz electing with a lot of Republican senators to acquit their former employer for provoking insurrection on the US Capitol on 6 January.

Mr Cruz, that voted in denial of the test in a separate vote, said “everyone recognizes the result of this case, which is that President Donald Trump is mosting likely to be acquitted”.

Positive was Mr Cruz of the outcome, that he located time to tweet about bust milk throughout the test.

Election of Thomas J. Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture

First selected to the duty by Mr Obama in 2008, Mr Vilsack was the 9th participant of Mr Biden’s Cabinet to be confirmed by the Senate, with 92 votes in favour.

Mr Cruz was one of seven Republicans senators and also Bernie Sanders, the modern legislator for Vermont, to oppose the election of Mr Vilsack– versus a reasonable amount of the Senate.

Nomination of the US ambassador to the UN

Coming within hours of the rejection of Mr Vilsack for agriculture secretary, Mr Cruz asked for Republicans to oppose the nomination of Linda Thomas-Greenfield for US ambassador to the UN for her previous comments on China.

Mr Cruz had the ability to delay the verification of Ms Thomas-Greenfield as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee– again pointing out concerns that she would fail to take on Beijing, regardless of being a professional mediator.

Seventy-four senators went on to elect Mr Biden’s selection for UN ambassador. Mr Cruz afterwards tweeted that “Team Biden is rushing to accept the Chinese Communist Party”. The fruits of which embrace are currently no place to be seen.

Election of Jennifer Granholm as Secretary of Energy

Mr Cruz elected with 35 senators to oppose Ms Granholm’s election to the top of the Department for Energy.

The former guv of Michigan is in charge of the steady in the direction of cleaner sources of energy, despite opposition from Republicans as well as Mr Cruz, that obtains a substantial sum from oil as well as gas firms.

Election of Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

Mr Cardona was accepted by 64 legislators to take the job on top of the US Department of Education.

The previous education commissioner for Connecticut is dealing with the difficult task of reopening class in the center of the Covid pandemic, to which Mr Cruz claimed “Secretary Cardona requires to prioritise” following his confirmation. Mr Cruz voted ‘No’.

Election of Gina Raimondo as Secretary of Commerce

The previous governor of Rhode Island was validated as commerce secretary after Mr Cruz criticised Ms Raimondo for refusing to devote to maintain Chinese telecommunications titan Huawei on the department’s prohibited listing.

She told senators she saw “no factor” for Huawei’s elimination from the checklist, which sufficed for 84 senators to authorize her verification, but was inadequate for Mr Cruz.

Rise in government minimum wage to $15 an hour

The Texas legislator voted ‘No’ to including a $15 minimum wage in the Biden administration’s Covid alleviation plan, as well as except the very first time.

Seven years ago, Mr Cruz denied propositions for a government base pay of $15– once again from Mr Sanders and also various other Democrats– stating the concept was “bad plan”.

The $1.9 trillion Covid alleviation expense

Senators applauded the passing away of the 4th round of Covid alleviation– among the largest ever before bills passed by Congress– with the exception of Mr Cruz and a number of Republicans who opposed the costs.

The Texas legislator accused Democrats of enabling “illegal immigrants” and also “offenders” to collect Covid stimulus checks, and of introducing “partial spending shopping list”.

Nomination of Merrick Garland as Attorney General

Practically five years after Senate Republicans declined to give Mr Garland a committee hearing for the Supreme Court, blocking the nomination by Mr Obama entirely, a variety of senators denied the nomination of Mr Biden’s choice for Attorney General.

Mr Cruz, among them, afterwards asked for Mr Garland to explore records of New York governor Andrew Cuomo covering-up the number of Covid deaths in care houses.

The other unraveling detraction during the hearing for Mr Garland? Mr Cruz’s recent return from Cancun, Mexico, adhering to a record damaging winter season storm and state-wide power interruptions, which he was accused of leaving from.

Nomination of Marcia Fudge as Secretary of Housing as well as Urban Development

Ms Fudge, a congresswoman from Ohio, is the initial black lady to run the real estate division in decades following her confirmation by the Senate.

Mr Cruz voted ‘No’ to the visit,

Nomination of Michael Regan Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Voting within hrs of Ms Fudge’s verification, senators authorized Mr Biden’s pick for the setting security agency by 66 votes.

Mr Regan, tasked with bring back guidelines on market and fuel, was unsurprisingly in need of support by Mr Cruz– an ally of the former president and also of curtailing environmental protections.

Nomination of Xavier Becerra as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Mr Cruz implicated the US existing of choosing “a person with no experience in anything pertaining to health care” top of the country’s health division, in the weeks before Mr Becerra was authorized by senators.

Only one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, enacted assistance of Mr Becerra, a child of Mexican immigrants.

Election of Marty Walsh as Secretary of Labor

Mr Walsh was the final Cabinet secretary of Mr Biden’s to be approved by the Senate, with 68 on behalf of the son of Irish immigrants to the United States, as well as previous mayor of Boston.

Election of Shalanda Young as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and also Budget

Ms Young was authorized as the Office of Management and Budget’s deputy supervisor complying with a years as a director for Democrats on the House’s appropriations committee. Mr Cruz voted ‘No’ to the confirmation.

Election of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General

Senators– not consisting of Mr Cruz– voted for Mr Murthy to return the to the duty of cosmetic surgeon general, following his job throughout the Obama management.

In 2014, Mr Cruz was gleefully supported by Democrats for permitting the confirmation of Murphy to occur, complying with a variety of challenges.

Nomination of Rachel Lavine as assistant secretary for wellness

The initial honestly transgender official to safeguard election from the Senate, Dr Lavine was sustained by 52 senators, with Mr Cruz opposing.

The Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act

Mr Crux was amongst six Republican legislators to reject the costs recommending an acceleration in justice division initiatives to evaluate an increase in hate criminal offenses committed against Asian-Americans.

It adheres to Mr Trump’s nicknaming of the Covid-19 virus as the “Wuhan influenza” and “China virus”, to name a few names, throughout 2020– which mostly went unchallenged by Republicans.

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