3 Food Types to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Today we will discuss 3 food types to boost your metabolism (to lose weight fast). Having a strong metabolism means to be able to eat anything you want a still lose weight (theoretically speaking).

There are loads of ways to boost metabolism and today we will discus 3 food sources that helps to archive exactly that!

I should also mention that eating solely these food sources are not the answer for weight loss. In order to lose weight you must do 2 things: have a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

So why am I writing this article? Good question, this article is simply a good to know knowledge. Because if you want to really boost metabolism by eating the food sources mentioned in this article, you must eat large portions of it for long time. Which is unhealthy.

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3 Food Types to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

#1 Green Coffee Beans: a study was made in San Diego where people or volunteers where divided in 2 groups, one group was asked to drink regular coffee while other with green coffee beans. And after 12 weeks of drinking green coffee beans it was concluded that these people boosted their body metabolism by 25 percent.

#2 Raspberries: eating raspberries for long time helps to boost metabolism because it has natural chemical ingredient called ketones. But in order to really get the effects of these you must eat at least 45kg of raspberries which can take long time.

#3 Hot Peppers: hot peppers and spicy food contain a chemical called capsaicin which helps to lose weight. And again in order to really see noticeable results you must eat very large quantities of hot peppers.

As I mentioned earlier this article is simply a good to know knowledge. But here is the good news! There are natural supplements of green coffee beans, raspberry ketones and capsaicin. These capsules contain the exact extract of the chemicals that help to boost metabolism to lose weight.

These health supplements cause zero side effects and are generally taken 20 minutes before each meal. There you have it! 3 food sources that help to boost metabolism (to lose weight fast).

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