7 misconceptions about women’s health and wellness

Reproductive health and wellness experts clarify what are one of the most typical mistakes about women’s issues. Women, with their mother’s instinct, have a tendency to take care of their enjoyed ones more than regarding themselves.

However wellness— an indispensable fragile present of nature— does not tolerate forget. Very usually we are not major regarding our health, creating misconceptions for ourselves.

Some misconceptions professionals of the Centers of Family Medicine «Zdravitsa» will certainly currently try to dispel.

Myth # 1: Cervical disintegration in nulliparous females is not necessary.

This is a incorrect and also extremely harmful strategy. The fact is that if disintegration of the cervix is not dealt with, there can be dangerous problems (including deadly cell degeneration). From efficient and also modern-day techniques it is necessary to keep in mind radio wave therapy of cervical disintegration with the help of device «Surgitron». Such problems as scarring as well as stenosis, bleeding, endometriosis (characteristic for various other techniques of therapy) are absent.

The healing procedure happens in a short time. About the lack of issues and also a traumatic factor, the tool «Surgitron» is widely used in nulliparous ladies.

Myth number 2: There is no demand to check out a lady gynecologist annually, if there are no

anxiety signs. Some infections and also pathologies of the reproductive system, mammary glands do not manifest themselves in any way with any signs. Regular browse through to the gynecologist permits you to timely diagnose pathological changes, recognize infections and also prevent the development of illness that are very hard to deal with in a disregarded state.

Myth # 3: There’s no factor in being analyzed when you’re intending a pregnancy.

It is essential to undergo a survey at least 2-3 months prior to the scheduled maternity. Necessary assessment will be for sex-related infections, which are typically the cause of miscarriage and can prompt the pathology of the advancement of the child. It is recommended to pass the examination and her husband. It is necessary to find out about hereditary diseases, regarding the blood group as well as Rh factor.

Misconception # 4: Do not take notice of unexpected pain and also blood loss. Will go by themselves.

Any kind of sudden alarm signals can be an indication of a condition. A prompt assessment reveals the condition at an early stage, when it is feasible to do without medical treatment (or significantly decrease) as well as medical intervention. Physical rehabilitation on modern tools has an excellent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect. For example, physiotherapy on the apparatus of «Andro-Gin» supplies the fastest and also enduring outcome with therapy: adhesions of the pelvic body organs, inflammatory diseases of the uterus as well as appendages, including chronic ones.

Myth # 5: An abnormal menstruation (prolonged hold-ups or uneven blood loss) will certainly recover itself.

The cycle might not recuperate, if it is a symptom of the disease. Do not treat disorders of the menstrual cycle is extremely hazardous— they ultimately lead to significant illness (the inability to conceive, uterine fibroids, mastopathy, uterine cancer cells and also bust cancer). Consistency of menstruation is among the most essential indicators of ladies’s health and wellness! In ladies older than 45 years, cycle conditions can bring about serious pathology and also call for immediate examination and assessment.

Myth number 6: Once you have actually gotten in touch with a medical professional as well as got a treatment guide, you can utilize it continually.

The very same approach of treatment can aid several times, but the time will come when such a wand-wand breaks. As an example, Candida fungus, which causes yeast infection, has the capability to get utilized to the action of a specific drug, as well as duplicated therapy may not work. With the very same signs and symptoms, definitely different illness can occur, the doctor can identify and suggest the correct treatment.

Myth number 7: The hormone drugs have a lot of side effects.

There are virtually no medical preparations without adverse effects. For example, swelling of the mammary glands with the consumption of contraceptive hormonal agents is considered regular. Little bloody discharge in the first-second months of admission in the intermenstrual duration additionally deserve to be. Headache, lightheadedness, variations in weight (plus or minus 2 kg)— all this is not pathology and also not an indicator of the disease.

That there were no really serious issues, before the prescription of the medication and also during its function it is required to be analyzed as well as to pass the tests. As well as only a doctor can suggest you a medicine that does not harm your health.

Do you have a lot of inquiries about ladies’s wellness? How to shield yourself, if from old tablets you are full? Why do you require to get rid of the spiral if you are going to have youngsters in the future? Exactly how to manage the orgasm that has come— his painful trends as well as anxiety?

The Centers of Family Medicine «Zdravitsa» utilizes certified and mindful experts that will competently address all inquiries associated with ladies’s health as well as will aid to handle the trouble. The Zdravicya Reproductive Health Unit offers its aid no matter your age as well as phase of the illness. All assessments as well as exams can be done in one place, in comfy conditions, without lines up from very certified specialists.

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