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Smooth skin without hair is a genuine dream of a modern female. To date, there are lots of ways to remove excess hair, yet after the procedure, some women face an unexpected difficulty– on the smooth skin there are red painful seals, in some cases becoming inflamed cones.

This means that the hair started to expand under the skin, not making it to the leading. About why hair adjustments program, how to prevent inflammation and also what to do next discovered correspondent.

Wrong use the shaving machine as well as strips for hair elimination can cause unpleasant repercussions

Deal with ingrown hair and males: pseudofolliculitis barbae– pseudofolliculitis of the beard (inflammation of the hair roots when the hair expands) is an usual skin problem connected with shaving. According to Olga Vylegzhanina, doctor-dermatologist facility prof.

Pasman, pseudofolliculitis is not a particularly harmful disease, an optimum, than it endangers,– the emergence of a furuncle. Yet with the truth that inflammations, specifically in locations visible to other individuals, are undesirable, medical professionals concur.

What encourages the hair to behave rebelliously as well as against nature not to grow via the skin, but to perform its task under it? “The factors can be two,” discusses the dermatologist. “This is a predisposition to the skin as well as improperly made hair elimination.” Let us consider both situations.


How is ingrown hair formed? This occurs when the idea of the removed hair is under the surface area of the skin. His curved idea (more frequently this happens with curly hair) rests against the skin. The weakened cut off hair can not break through the compressed horny layer of the skin as well as begins to expand inside, under the skin. “The thickness of the stratum corneum depends on both physical characteristics as well as skin treatment,” claims Ekaterina Lebedko, a cosmetologist at the Sante Estetic beauty parlor.

By the way, hair can expand like blonds, as well as brunettes– depending on the shade of hair experts do not observe. The only reason that it is believed that redheads endure more: black hair is extra thick and also its ingrowth is extra noticeable than that of a thin light hair.

“Most typically, hair development is observed in the bikini as well as pubic area,”notes Nonna Rujko, a cosmetician at Ahava. “Because the skin in this field is quite dense and at the very same time delicate.” Those who had to battle with ingrownness, and also according to observations of the beautician, about 20 % of all those that make hair elimination, can say that the hair efficiently expands on the legs, and under the underarms, and also on the hands. As we have actually already stated, with physiology– dense sexy layer– you can deal with by skin care.

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Skin treatment is additionally useful without in-grown hairs. When the very first tubercles show up, it comes to be needed. When do they show up? Immediately claim that pseudofolliculitis is a straight repercussion of hair elimination and depilation. Cutting, waxing and sugar exfoliation, electrolysis made with mistakes, can make hair expand inaccurately: “Incorrectly carried out electrolysis– when the discharge does not hit the bulb– brings about inflammation of the follicle,” discusses Olga Vylegzhanina.

Consistent shaving advertises the development of the horny layer, tearing and eliminating can bring about a change in the direction of hair development.” An additional blunder: numerous choose to shave their hair against hair development, thinking that cutting on development is inefficient. This is a misconception, leading to cuts as well as ingrown hair. Incorrect angle when tearing off the wax strip causes the fact that the hair starts to expand, not adhering to the skin, yet spiky, and does not always locate a location to break through the skin.

The only types of hair elimination that do not trigger hair development, according to the skin doctor Olga Vylegzhanina, are laser as well as photoepilation– these techniques of activity ruin the bulb and hair merely does not grow anymore.

Many people have actually become aware of rubbing after epilation, yet in order to achieve outcomes, it is needed to do this greater than when and not 2, yet to obtain made use of to obeying taking care of the skin– apply emollients daily after the shower: the skin is softer, the hair is less complicated to appear. When performing epilation treatment ought to be executed on a specific system.

“I advise clients not to take a shower on the very first day after the hair elimination procedure, as the water dries out the harmed skin,” states cosmetologist Ekaterina Lebedko.

— On the second day, you can utilize an emollient and moisturizing after the shower, the third one already needs to loosen up the skin with scrubs, to make sure that the growing scales do not come to be a dense keratinized layer. ” Cosmetologist of the beauty salon Ahava suggests not simply utilizing scrubs, yet rubbing the skin with a clean cloth or a brush.

Yet what if the hair has grown? There is nothing horrible in aiding him get out with tweezers or needles if there is no swelling. And also if reddening has started, the cosmetician of the Akhava Salon makes sure that with using anti-bacterials, issue at autopsy will certainly not happen. The doctor-dermatologist nevertheless suggests to open up individually nothing to open.

The way out of this scenario may be a modification in the approach of hair removal, if the one you used caused an inflammatory procedure. As well as do not ignore moisturizing as well as softening the skin– commonly just the constant use funds for the skin of the body together with loosening of the stratum corneum is a superb avoidance of in-grown hairs.

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