Angela Martin’s Constant Frowning on The Office Literally Gave Angela Kinsey Headaches

According to Angela Kinsey (the star who played Angela Martin), frowning for hours on end can really have some unpleasant adverse effects.

” I discovered that my personality was constantly frowning,” Kinsey informed me throughout a recent video clip meeting. “I would get a migraine. I actually would.”

If you’re currently rewatching The Office for the 46th time, like me, you understand that Angela Martin isn’t specifically delighted with the majority of the events happening in her work environment– her frustrated faces prove it.

Kinsey– that has lately collaborate with Advil as the representative for the brand’s launch of Advil Dual Action– pointed to the episode “Yankee Swap,” in which Michael Scott undermines Angela Martin’s vacation celebration, leaving her angry about all the squandered hard work of her party-planning board. Kinsey had to present that disapproval in the kind of mad facial expressions.

“Do that face for 12 hours for five days– and then additionally have an extreme pigtail! By the end of it, I was obtaining the largest migraines from frowning and actually limited hairstyles,” Kinsey stated.

These days, Kinsey’s workplace obviously looks very various from her Dunder Mifflin cubical. Like so numerous others, Kinsey is additionally working from house. She’s taping her podcast, Office Ladies, from her shed, which she converted into an impressive work room. That hasn’t come without some ergonomic adjustments as well as aches.

“I don’t think I rest properly whatsoever,” Kinsey stated. “My other half– I maintained informing him I’m getting this lower-back discomfort. He can be found in below, sat in my desk chair, as well as resembled, ‘Angela, it’s like you’re resting on an item of wood. This chair is crap!’ He got me a little butt-cushion thing. It’s possibly the pillow that people use if they have piles– however I sit on it, and it’s actually squishy, as well as it’s helped my reduced back.”

Kinsey stated her hubby has a standing workdesk and also definitely likes it, however she can’t get involved in the idea. Obviously, after that I had to ask if she assumed The Office‘s Angela Martin would be a standing-desk adopter.

“I am shocked that Dwight did not have a standing workdesk,” Kinsey said. “He ‘d most likely make it look like the control terminal from Battlestar Galactica. He would certainly make it appear like he was flying the spaceship. I do not assume Angela Martin would certainly accept. I don’t understand why. I feel like she would certainly be like, ‘That’s weird.'”

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