Exactly how to Delete ALL your Tweets

The traditional method of erasing your tweets was to just scroll down your account wall and delete them one at a time. This was a simple albeit laborious service to tweet removal. This certain choice was held to just your most current 3200 tweets as 3200 is all that Twitter saves to as well as can show on your timeline.

So every tweet I’ve tweeted prior to 3,200 has currently been cared for?

Regretfully, no. This meant that anything before the most prompt 3200 was still fair game for any individual doing a search utilizing your @username or specific search phrases. The only means to accessibility these specific tweets for removal was recognizing the Twitter API as well as utilizing scripts or the purchase of a third-party tweet scrubbing service.

These exact same alternatives are still extremely beneficial, but for those who would rather save a few dimes on tidying up their Twitter archive, there is currently a simpler, conveniently offered diy option.

In just the last year Twitter has lastly offered the choice to track down and also remove any kind of and all of your most embarrassing tweets, retweets, and also states from your account. Still not always a fast alternative, it will certainly permit you to search and also get rid of individual tweets that would certainly otherwise cause problems for you as well as your brand further down the roadway. Specifically since Twitter has determined to hold your old tweets captive behind a paywall for their API, this may be the only method to get rid of tweets free of cost in the direct future.

Backup Before You Delete

If you’re planning to proceed with your desire to delete some or every one of your tweets, it may be in your benefit to download and install a duplicate of your tweet archive. The archive homes all of your tweets considering that the dawn of time and may prove valuable somewhere in the future for one factor or an additional. In order to do this:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account with your credentials and also head to your account’s setups. This is located in the leading right corner displayed by your character. Scroll and also left-click the avatar/image down to Settings as well as privacy.
  2. Select Account from the left-side column as well as in the right-side column scroll down and click “Request your archive”.
  3. You should see a pop-up that displays “We’ve gotten your demand!” which asks that you be patient as they collect all the info and also send it to you via your Twitter signed up email.

Using the Advanced Search Filters This feature permits you to locate all posts and remove them one by one. You’ll have the ability to concentrate on every one of the tweets and also retweets that you wish to be gotten rid of.

  1. Log in to Twitter with the account and also go to the Advanced Search alternative. You can likewise follow this web link
  2. There are a lot of search filters that will certainly enable you to look tweets by word( s), expression( s) and even hashtag( s). You also have the option to do so in a myriad of different languages in addition to words you intend to be omitted from the search.
  3. Once you’ve given an entry or access to the boxes given, enter your Twitter @username in the” From These Accounts” box under the People group. You might likewise include retweets that utilize the entry or entrances given by putting a check in the” Include Retweets” checkbox. the access are typed in, click the Search button.
  4. The tweets that are pulled will be established by the criteria you entered. At this moment, simply click on Delete under each post you desire to have actually eliminated from your timeline. You will have to remove each tweet one by one as there is still no Twitter supplied choice for mass removal as declared in their Help.” We do not give a method to bulk-delete tweets. You can just remove Tweets manually, one by one.”
Elimination By Date

You can find the tweets targetted for deletion utilizing the Advanced Search alternative to filter your tweets by day if you occur to have a memory that likes numbers to words. This includes all of those tweets that you let slide before the instant 3200 that are visible on your timeline. Exactly how to erase tweets by date:

  1. While in Advanced Search, scroll to the Dates area located just listed below the Places area. Go into the dates you want to search into the From as well as To sections.
  2. Key in your @username right into the suitable box and also click the Search switch.
  3. Shown are the tweets you’ve published in between the supplied dates entered. At this moment, just click Delete under each message you want to have actually eliminated from your timeline. Similar to the walkthrough over, you’ll require to remove each entrance individually.
Mentioned Accounts

Maybe you’ve been a little bit overcritical or harsh towards an individual or product in the past and dream to get rid of the toxicity from your timeline. The Advanced Search filter can also aid you target those details tweets with the “Mentioning these accounts” alternative.

  1. Get in the @username of the person or item you want to look right into the “Mentioning these accounts” box as well as your @username right into the “From these accounts” box.
  2. Click the Search switch, scroll through the timeline presented, and also reach erasing those messages.
Third Party Twitter Scrubbers

Isn’t the title of this short article expected to be “How to delete ALL tweets?” Technically, with the above techniques, you can rid yourself of all tweets. It might not be the most time effective means to do so but it does finish the job. If you’re looking for more of a single, bulk deletion option to clear yourself of any type of sticking around embarrassment in tweet form, the Third Party services are still readily available. This as well holds true for those of you well versed in API and also running manuscripts.

Twitter states that making use of third-party removal services protests their ToS. Seeing as they do not offer up an alternative remedy, you may just have to allow your rebel flag fly.

A couple recommended Third Party solutions to check out are:


To get the service to work, you’ll require to supply them your Twitter archive. By utilizing their service you are accrediting them to infiltrate your Twitter in your place as well as search all tweets for potential removal. Some tweeters may have a problem with this but Cardigan is just one of the very best services for tweet deletion available as well as will bulk remove tweets also past one of the most recent 3200. Just how it works:

  1. Cardigan will certainly bring your tweets, which might take some time depending upon how busy the site presently is.
  2. Once finished with the search, you’ll have the ability to scroll through your tweets and also pick which ones (or all) you ‘d like to delete. Click on a tweet to select it as a candidate for deletion. Clicking it again will certainly unselect it.
  3. Cardigan products comparable filter specifications as Twitter’s Advance Search by enabling you to restrict removals to tweets, retweets, replies, details words and also usernames, hashtags, and phrases. You can likewise filter them by Newest to oldest, Oldest to latest, Most to least retweets, and Most to least favorites. Unlike Twitter, they provide a “Delete All” switch beside the “Delete Selected” switch that will certainly remove all the tweets that presently match your filters.
  4. After verifying that you desire to continue, the chosen tweets are uploaded to Cardigan’s web servers as well as permanently gotten rid of.

Again, this process can take some time relying on business of the website and the number of tweets selected for removal.

Tweet Delete

Possibly the most preferred option, Tweet Delete will aid you eliminate those 3200 visible tweets wholesale completely free.

You’re also able to set up a continuous timetable for deleting tweets at specified intervals. Merely log in to your Twitter account while on their website, select your automated removal schedule, and click on the Activate TweetDelete button. There is likewise the alternative to eliminate all tweets in bulk by examining package next to “Delete all of my existing tweets before activating this schedule”.

Tweet Eraser.

A paid service that features more durable alternatives is Tweet Eraser. The $6.99 standard package gives you the alternative of importing unlimited archived tweets, for multiple Twitter accounts (max of 3), without a repeating fee. If for any kind of factor you desire to conserve deleted tweets to your computer, you can constantly opt for the $9.99 package which likewise allows for unrestricted Twitter account and also search filters.

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