Stolen Sun

There go to least three reasons why girls take note of self-tanning. Initially, whether there will certainly be a chance to sunbathe– no one knows. If the sunlight beams, then the depressing statistics of the introduction of skin cancer in the initial location among all various other cancers cells triggers us to believe concerning the degree to which charm calls for sacrifice– in truth the most important cause of melanoma is extreme insolation, that is, direct exposure to the sun.

As well as, third, if before talking about sunbeds as a safe alternative to the coastline, it is currently clear that the entire ultraviolet influences the skin. However on the other hand you wish to become a swarthy male. And some do not intend to wait. The reality that the self-tanning is secure and just how to utilize it was identified by the correspondent of SE.

Only on top Autosunburn acts in a manner that does not affect the pigment of the skin, yet just stains its uppermost layer. Tinting takes place as a result of dihydroxyacetone (DHA )– a compound coming from a group of sugars, a by-product of glycerin. It reacts with amino acids and proteins of the upper layers of the skin, causing melanoidins, which differ in composition from melanin yet shade the skin in the color of the sunlight. Earlier, by the way, DHA was used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Just how safe are these chain reactions? “In general, we can claim that there is no useful tanning in concept, due to the fact that any kind of sun tanning– in the solarium and under the sun– is the skin’s feedback to photochemical damages, that is, a negative impact on the skin,” recalls the dermatologist-cosmetologist at the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok Tatiana Zagoruiko. — As for autosunburn, after that there is no such effect– there is a coloring, which is only shallow. If the lotion is licensed and also examined in Rospotrebnadzor, then it will not have damaging impacts. ”

To tanning as an option to the sunlight and also the solarium smoothly resorted to pregnant ladies, who also want to be attractive as well as stylish.

“If a lady does not have toxicosis, a reaction to certain smells, after that she can make the most of car sun tanning,

” Svetlana Gileva, the supervisor of the salon “Professional” , makes certain. “There is no contraindication to this treatment.”

Fresh carrots

But as a matter of fact the variable of damage or advantage is paddling at the actual end of the checklist of interesting moments, which ladies respect, pursuing excellence. Carrot shade, irregular look, drying of the skin, hand discoloration and undesirable smell– that’s what thrills charms who desire for ending up being swarthy for a couple of supple strokes of the hand.

In specialist paints, which are used in beauty parlors, according to Svetlana Gileva, there are leaders with 3 shades– for swarthy, light as well as medium skin. Among them come yellowish shades– generally they can be seen immediately on the paint. However also in these seemingly unusual shades there is a logic: frequently the reaction of the skin to synthetic sunburn– even in the solarium– is a grey reflection on the skin, as well as yellowness simply does remedy it. If you make use of a tanning hair salon in your home, and specifically colorless creams with a not quickly apparent result, after that try the shade on a little area of the skin– as with home hair tinting, examinations are never unnecessary.

Water as well as dryness

The major remedy for “leopard areas” is exfoliation prior to the procedure. In the beauty salons occasionally offer an initial peeling, often they are asked to come in ready-made, checked out homes: “The primary need for an also tan is smooth, smooth, dry skin,” clarifies Svetlana Gileva. Moisture is truly the major enemy of man-made swarthiness: “To attain the outcome, the initial 6-8 hrs must be avoided contact with water,” continues the supervisor of the hair salon of the tanning hair salon “Professional”. — Girls who lead an active way of life: health club, swimming pool, saunas– the paint is washed off faster.

In general, self-tanning stains the uppermost layers of the skin, and also as soon as they remove or clean off– the color vanishes. “

Consequently, the guarantee of longevity is provided for a period of 4 to 10 days, all of it relies on the characteristics of the skin, on exactly how strong will certainly be the mechanical effect– clean cloths, scrubs, limited clothes in the warmth.

Oily skin, for instance, is more often restored and regularly cleansed, so the self-tanning from it goes off much faster, yet its dry difficulty– the reaction with DHA offers an obvious drying effect. Although now in tanning public houses started to include different essential oils and moisturizing facilities, there is no demand to ignore the usual milk for the body– utilize it regularly, the skin will certainly moist up.

To avoid detecting, you need to apply the product properly. In the hair salons, 2 methods of discoloration are used: sun tanning, when the skin is repainted by hand, as well as equipment splashing with a weapon with a laser sight, which provides an absolutely uniform tarnish. The price of treatments in the beauty parlors around the city has to do with 1000 rubles.

Residences with gloves

In your home, there are additionally two ways, depending on the packaging. Either with your very own hands, apply as smoothly as feasible a remedy, not forgetting about the ears and also back, as well as additionally that less elbows are required on the knees and also arm joints of autosunburn– they normally turn out darker. According to eyewitnesses, it is better to use self-tanning in slim latex gloves– otherwise the palms will necessarily discolor the very best, which does not constantly turn out to be the preferred result.

Or use self-tanning in the type of a spray– this is typically the products of high-end brand names (price more than 1000 rubles, enough for a number of times). Immediately go to sleep, too, is not advised– much better work out an easy exercise, up until the skin dries. Only not to sweat– leakages on the temple as well as breast frequently leave unpainted strips of skin.

By the way, when it comes to the temple and normally the skin of the face, Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician of the center “Sante Estetic”, calms users: “Autosunburn, first, it acts extremely ostensibly, it does not pass through deep into the skin, and also second of all, it is not made use of as lotions– frequently twice a day, so if the brand is licensed, also if it is massmedia, the solution needs to not have an adverse aesthetic effect. “

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