An ode to Keanu Reeves, the one guy in Hollywood we can all agree on

Recently, Keanu Reeves reportedly disclosed in an interview that he’s a “lonely person.” “I don’t have anybody in my life,” he added, “yet if it does happen, I would appreciate and also love the other person. With any luck, it’ll occur for me.”

The story quickly went viral because, duh. Keanu Reeves, a cinematic and national prize, is lonesome? I volunteer as homage to keep him business if that’s true. I would certainly cook him chocolate chip cookies while we heart-to-heart about, like, where our spirits go when we die. We ‘d have an actually nice time, I believe.

Others on social media sites really feel the same way: It’s heartbreaking to think Reeves is lonely due to the fact that, like Tom Hanks and also Chris Evans, he’s on an extremely list of widely cherished males. He’s located a considerate method to posture with women followers for pictures.

He’s an ally to his female costars: According to Winona Ryder, Reeves refused to accompany supervisor Francis Ford Coppola’s demand that the male actors on the set of Dracula shout at Ryder until she wept. There are multiple write-ups with the headline”Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood,”which is sufficient evidence for me that he’s thebest man in Hollywood.

His work is so iconic that a hip NYC movie theater organized a retrospective of his movies this summer season; in April, Glasgow tossed a KeanuCon celebration. Also Sandy Bullock, actually Miss Congeniality, has a crush on him. The good news: His representative told Huffington Post the meeting was”made.”

Give Thanks To God Reeves is doing simply fine, but the story did cause an intriguing conversation on social media– and amongst the Glamour group– regarding his allure. When I dropped the short article into Slack, a discussion with my colleagues regarding how much we like Reeves promptly removed. Khaliha Hawkins pointed to a lesser-known Reeves movie, 1995’s A Walk in the Clouds, as proof of his flexibility as a star.” Keanu is understood for his activity roles, but he’s always been a rom-com star in my mind,”she said.

“A Walk in the Clouds has lots of dramatization and also rom-com tropes, so this flick has everything.”Samantha Leach claimed she keeps seeing nostalgic pictures of Reeves in her Instagram feed, to her pleasure.”If you’re deep down the rabbit hole of ’90s nostalgia Instagram like I am, pictures of Keanu Reeves as well as River Phoenix around the moment of My Own Private

Idaho appear a whole lot,”she informed me.”The smoulder that man produces as a ’90s indie star is unbelievable, like, c’mon. More crucial, whenever he’s pictured with River Phoenix, he looks so protective of him. River was fighting with addiction by that point, and with every pose Keanu resembles he’s attempting to share ‘Let me conserve you, River’through his eyes. It’s how much he cares that really makes him sexy. “For Kim Fusaro, the love for Reeves began early as well as hasn’t fluctuated.”

I saw Keanu in Point Break in the theatre because my buddy’s mama escorted us, 2 preteens, to the counter and also removed us for tickets. It was my very first in-the-theatre rated-R film, “she stated.”A years later on I went with the exact same pal to see Keanu’s band, Dogstar, at a shitty Providence bar, one more place that we absolutely weren’t old enough to be in. He was worth flexing the rules as well as damaging the legislation for. “I didn’t know Reeves had a band, but it just adds to his appeal. That surprising side of Reeves is what Christopher Rosa likes too.”He’s a fantastic star– and so, so hot– but my love for him is rooted in something else totally: conspiracy theory concepts,

” Rosa stated.”There are a lot of wild rumours regarding Reeves online, as well as they’re either all true or all full B.S. Like this one regarding exactly how he spent for a stranger’s kidney transplant. When everybody was convinced he conserved lots of felines from mercy killing, or. And there’s the old mythology that he drives a Honda and also lives in a typical house in spite of having millions. We do understand he takes the subway, so possibly that last one is true. Regardless, the Internet is out here uploading concepts about him like he’s a Game of Thrones personality, and also I’m here for it. “Ana Colón insisted all of us see BuzzFeed’s puppy meeting with Reeves, which she described as”a goddamn pleasure.” “It’s especially noteworthy since(1)he had the ability to stay even more focused than various other individuals and also (2) his answers range from adorably punny to genuine as well as deep. Gravity assists him remain down-to-earth, for example;

he’s a self-identified Edward de Verean, so he would certainly like to time-travel back to the moment of Shakespeare to see that’s really in charge of those contributions to literary works. I ask you: Whomst?”I could compose 3,000 more words regarding Reeves’achievement– his chill response to the “sad Keanu “memes; the flick Keanu, in which he articulates an adorable kitty; the time he apparently located an intruder in his library and calmly spoke with her till the police officers showed up; everything about the John Wick movies. However I’ll finish this ode by applauding Reeves’recent memorable look as

an extremely fictionalised version of himself in Always Be My Maybe, Ali Wong’s Netflix charming comedy. He was Wong as well as director Nahnatchka Khan’s front runner for the component– a love passion for Wong’s character– however also they were stunned by how game he was to do it.”We all believed it was mosting likely to be difficult to obtain him, “Randall Park

, that likewise stars in the movie, told Vulture.”What was the possibility of him being readily available, and then additionally him agreeing to play himself?”The scenes are wild to view. He is”Keanu Reeves,” sure, however this personality is even more of an apology of what a follower could assume weird, out-of-touch celebrities resemble than anything based in reality. He’s the sort of individual who goes to an expensive restaurant as well as orders recipes that”play with the idea of time.”When a lady tells “Keanu Reeves “she’s starstruck, he replies, “The only celebrities that matter are the ones you see when you dream.”

This version of Reeves is an asshole– an additional reason it’s plainly fiction– however he’s still remarkable. You want to be around him, also if his concept of a fun video game evening is deeply worrying. I really think this will certainly decrease as one of his ideal roles. The component lets Reeves show a funny side we seldom reach see, while playing on the mystical allure of his personal life and celeb. It’s brilliantly created, as well as he’s fantastic in it. With information that Matrix 4 is formally a go– and with Keanu Reeves reprising the lead duty, no less– we believed now was as great time as ever before to remind you that Reeves is the most effective. Our initial blog post, which was published in June 2019, can be located below.

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