Lizzo’s reaction to ‘those large lady Tik Tok videos’ is so damn effective

Responding to TikTok customers that were adding her name under videos identified with the ‘big girls‘ tag, she claimed: “Every time there is a big lady on this app, I discover that people put my name in the remarks.

And to individuals that be putting my name in the remarks:’Thank you’.””Because you understand what? If whenever we see a huge girl on this app, liking on herself and putting herself available, as well as being loving and also positive her body, you think of me or you think she resembles me. Bitch, that is a what? Comp-li-ment.”

Allow us count the methods we like Lizzo. From advising followers to preserve the Black Lives Matter energy previously this month, to her bomb fashion sense (bear in mind that Valentino mini bag?!) and, obviously, for offering us with banger after banger.

As well as all that, Lizzo is an intense champ for body positivity and vanity. Currently– and also not for the very first time– she’s utilizing her platform to spread out the message that all bodies are beautiful.

“That means I’m out right here doing what I’m expected to be doing– letting you bitches recognize that following time you try to tease a woman for her body, or her size? That bitch we’re out below, as well as we do not give a fuck. And we are positive and also we misbehave bitches and we are cover celebrities.”

At the end of the video clip, Lizzo includes: “So, many thanks. And to all the huge ladies, I see you. Maintain putting my name in the comments, hoe.”

The video clip already has practically 18,000 comments from fans commending Lizzo for spreading out the self-confidence as well as pounding the body-shamers.

“I like Lizzo since she’s always confident as well as she doesn’t care about the hate,” created one customer. “thank you for being solid for me! you are terrific!” claimed one more, while an additional commented: “okay however this made me kinda really feel far better regarding myself.”

And that TikTok individual is right– Lizzo constantly makes us feel good regarding ourselves, whether it’s via her music or her social networks blog posts. She’s the self-love champion we all need in our lives right now.

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