Two Decades Later, The Little Vampire Is Still One of the Cutest Halloween Movies I’ve Seen

Back when Disney Channel’s Monstober Halloween event was called Hauntoberfest, I would certainly keep up previous my bedtime to watch red-eyed vampire cows pass their retribution on a rogue vampire hunter, and also I loved every secondly of it.

If you’ve never ever seen 2000’s The Little Vampire, think about it as an unforeseen mashup between Under Wraps and also The Addams Family, with some savage livestock included forever action. With absolutely nothing much better to do than blend a blood-red cocktail as well as soak up all the nostalgic Halloween content my brain can remember, I rewatched this motion picture for the very first time given that it appeared 20 years ago, and it’s a freakin’ trouble.

The movie adheres to Tony Thompson (Jonathan Lipnicki), a vampire-obsessed 9-year-old who simply moved to Scotland with his parents and is having some difficulty installation in. After an IRL vampire youngster called Rudolph errors Tony for among his own kind during a late-night fly around the Thompson house, the two come to be buddies. Tony signs up with Rudolph on his family’s pursuit to retrieve a lengthy shed wonderful amulet that can be made use of to turn vampires back into human beings.

Without hesitation, Tony tightens the party store vampire cape around his neck as well as allows Rudolph reveal him to the marvels of flying over rural Scotland as well as socializing in disordered burial grounds. Tony also does his part by leading Rudolph and his household to a barn full of cows to feed on, which, yes, leads to a herd of vampire cows that can hang from the ceiling by their hooves.

Tony finds every one of this appealing flippin’ great, up until Rookery, the vampire seeker, attempts to catch him in a sarcophagus and stop the vampires from fetching their amulet. From beginning to end, this movie is a wild trip and made me laugh at unexpected times, and it’s most definitely worth a watch. Just ask 2000 me, that dressed up like a vampire for Halloween three years in a row, or experience again the motion picture vicariously via adult me by reviewing all the ideas I had while rewatching it, in advance.

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