Antimicrobial Masks Are No More Effective Than Your Regular Fabric Face Masks

In theory, masks made with an antimicrobial covering are thought to be much more hygienic. According to NBC News’s professional, “These fabric masks are developed to be odor-resistant and to help stop the development of bacteria externally of the fabric.”

However, knowing that the novel coronavirus usually spreads through air droplets rather than on surfaces like textiles, we wanted to consult another expert to obtain their take on these antimicrobial masks. We consulted with Dr. Charlaynn Harris, Ph.D., MPH, senior epidemiologist at Unity Band, to get her take on these kinds of masks and whether or not you ought to get one.

There’s still a lot to comprehend when it comes to masks as well as COVID-19. At the extremely fundamental level, we know the CDC’s advises for material face masks to be put on when out in public or around other individuals.

After that there are various other aspects to consider, like the products they’re made out of or companies making outrageous claims about the efficaciousness of their particular masks. Especially, we’ve been wondering if antimicrobial masks are something we need to be using, as well as if they’re any type of different from a normal, recyclable cloth face mask.

Exist Benefits to Antimicrobial Masks?

Companies making antimicrobial masks tout that they protect against the growth of microorganisms on the cloth as well as avoid the textile from holding smells (both certain pluses). Dr. Harris, nonetheless, doesn’t seem like there are any particular advantages to antimicrobial masks. “I would not recommend any kind of product like this if not totally vetted by the FDA,” she informed POPSUGAR.

“Antimicrobial can be a broad term and also not necessarily mean beta-coronavirus (the household of coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2 belongs to).” She added that several items aren’t backed by sufficient scientific research to make them reliable, in her point of view, so customers ought to tread carefully while purchasing. The CDC has not officially launched any kind of referrals on making use of antimicrobial masks.

Are Antimicrobial Masks Effective at Protecting You From COVID-19?

According to Dr. Harris, antimicrobial material masks are no better or worse than a regular fabric face mask. She actually warns wearers from feeling overconfident in an “antimicrobial” mask. “I do feel as though these products can lead to incorrect security for the user,” she told POPSUGAR.

“Claims of being antimicrobial leads the wearer to believe they have an additional obstacle against this extremely transmittable microorganism.”

Fabric face masks are completely acceptable, according to the CDC, so sticking with the fabric face mask you have (given it meets CDC standards, you’re using it effectively, as well as you’re cleaning it effectively), need to be fine.

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