What Happened to JoAnn Romain?

Over 2 months later on, JoAnn’s body was discovered in the Detroit River, 35 miles from where she had gone away. Her clothing, precious jewelry, and also shoes were all still undamaged as well as her auto keys were discovered inside her coat pocket, but her rosary and also cell phone were both missing.

She also had two contusions on her left arm, which could’ve been the outcome of an attack, as the bag found in her car was torn.

The 5th episode of the 2nd volume of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot dives deep right into the troubling fatality of 55-year-old JoAnn Romain. JoAnn disappeared in 2010 after her vehicle was discovered outside of St. Paul Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. Authorities rapidly jumped to the conclusion that JoAnn had passed away by suicide after she strolled into a freezing lake nearby and also drowned herself. Her body was not recuperated during the initial search.

What happened to JoAnn? It’s been a years considering that her passing away, however her case still continues to be unresolved. Ahead, read four theories about that can have lagged her death.

Concept 1: JoAnn Romain Died by Suicide

Police assert JoAnn’s fatality was a suicide by drowning, yet it’s really unlikely that her body would certainly have left the shallow water along the coast and also took a trip to the Detroit River because there was no existing. Authorities additionally had divers searching the water for numerous days, and also they never found any kind of evidence showing that JoAnn had drowned. As well as, JoAnn sustained her vehicle before attending church, and also as investigatory press reporter Scott Lewis put it: “Who loads their gas tank on their means to devote self-destruction?”

Theory 2: David Romain Killed His Ex-Wife, JoAnn

JoAnn’s little girl, Michelle, noted her dad, David, as a possible suspect. He as well as JoAnn were wed for 25 years, yet they divided shortly before her fatality because JoAnn obtained fed up with suggesting constantly and wished to live a “calm, delighted life.” According to Michelle, David was really angry that JoAnn left him, which might have been a feasible intention for him to kill her.

Concept 3: Someone Connected to John Matouk Murdered JoAnn Romain

Michelle assumed that her uncle, John– JoAnn’s bro– may have had a duty in JoAnn’s fatality. Despite the fact that she does not think he directly did anything to harm his sis, John owed a lot of money to several individuals, so Michelle recommended that her mama’s demise might have been revenge as JoAnn and John were close. John has preserved that he had absolutely nothing to do with JoAnn’s fatality. Nevertheless, he stated it’s feasible that somebody he knew might have murdered his sis.

Concept 4: Tim Matouk Murdered JoAnn Romain

Michelle’s key suspect is JoAnn’s estranged cousin, Tim, that was a policeman at the time. Michelle accused Grosse Pointe Police of concealing for him after a witness asserted he saw JoAnn with Tim as well as an additional guy by the lake on the night she vanished.

“My mom had actually specified her extreme worry and problem for him prior to this occurred,” Michelle told CBS News Detroit in 2018. “She additionally had indicated that she was reluctant to go to the neighborhood authorities due to the fact that they were buddies with this separated relative that was a police officer, as well as they would refrain from doing anything to assist her.”

Grosse Pointe Police submitted an activity for the suit’s dismissal, and also in August 2019, a federal charms court all ruled in favor of the city and its police department.

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