Wonder Woman 3 Is in the Works!

Wonder Woman 1984 just gotten here on Christmas, yet we’re already asking yourself if there will be a 3rd film. There’s a big swath of Wonder Woman’s story that’s still unknown, so it makes good sense that DC would want to proceed telling her tale on display.

Thankfully, the folks at Warner Bros. concur, as well as we’re without a doubt getting an additional Wonder Woman film! Range verified the job on Dec. 27, exposing that Patty Jenkins will return as the director and also Gal Gadot will reprise her duty as Diana Prince. The news comes on the heels of WW84’s theatrical weekend break best, which racked up $16.7 million at package office, in addition to its release on HBO Max.

“As fans worldwide continue to welcome Diana Prince, driving the strong opening weekend break efficiency of Wonder Woman 1984, we are delighted to be able to proceed her tale with our real life Wonder Women– Gal and Patty– that will certainly return to wrap up the long-planned staged trilogy,” Warner Bros. claimed in a statement.

Since December, there are 5 other upcoming DC films in the pipe. The Suicide Squad, a soft reboot/sequel to the 2016 Suicide Squad motion picture that’s additionally in the very same continuity as 2020’s Birds of Prey, is the only completed film up until now, scheduled for an Aug. 6, 2021, launch in cinemas and on HBO Max all at once.

In 2022, a stand-alone The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller, is scheduled for launch, covering the universe-bending “Flashpoint” story (and reportedly costarring not one yet two previous Batmans: Ben Affleck and also Michael Keaton). Aquaman 2 as well as Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods are also being serviced, with launch days planned for 2022 and 2023, respectively. A stand-alone Black Adam movie, with Dwayne Johnson as the antihero protagonist, is additionally being established.

The chances of a 3rd Wonder Woman motion picture originally seemed unpromising because Jenkins currently has another huge job that will occupy the following few years. She was lately introduced as the supervisor of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, set for a Christmas 2023 release day. In a Collider meeting, Jenkins exposed she’s currently working on the motion picture.

“We’re completing the therapy essentially, which is pretty big. It ends up being like where you’re rather close to a well-along movie script by the time I’m done with the treatment in my process. So yeah, we’ve been working with it for awhile. It’s going great. I’m super excited concerning it. I’m super thrilled about the story.”

Luckily, Jenkins gets on board for the final Wonder Woman installment. That being stated, we may have to wait a while prior to it’s released. With DC films planned out via 2023, as well as Jenkins similarly occupied up till around that time, it’s potential that the motion picture will not be showing up till 2024 at the soonest.

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