I’m Really Rooting For Meredith as well as DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy

In all honesty, I had not been extremely on board with DeLuca as well as Meredith dating, given that he was still sad sack regarding his ex-girlfriend when they initially started to flirt.

It really did not assist that the authors handed over Meredith the function of the doting girlfriend all throughout period 15. As well as mosting likely to prison for Meredith’s insurance coverage scams was, unquestionably, rather dumb on DeLuca’s component.

Grey’s Anatomy simply would not be Grey’s Anatomy without a disaster below, an enchanting dramatization tornado there. While Jackson as well as Maggie just recently cut tidy from each other and also Amelia and also Link are sealing their connection with a baby en route, Meredith and also DeLuca are extremely on the rocks. Long gone are the days where they murmured pleasant Italian absolutely nothings to each other in a lift.


Points are currently complicated, particularly as Meredith faces the possibility of losing her medical permit and DeLuca getting death looks at help coupling with the enemy. Lots of factors are antagonizing them, yet here’s why I do not necessarily anticipate a breakup in their near future.

Still. I can’t reject that DeLuca has grown up considerably considering that Meredith’s life exploded after getting terminated. Actually, dare I say it, he’s been as grounded as Derek Shepherd concerning the whole experience. Meredith hasn’t been having it with Andrew, starting with how he suggested her to be much more self-preserving when her takedown of Grey Sloan went viral. And when Zola had to obtain an emergency situation surgery, Meredith prickled at just how he provided to watch out for her as well as encouraged her to visit court for her hearing.

While I like that Meredith is back to her rule-smashing, badass self, I think that DeLuca has been even more thoughtful as well as rational than purchasing from. He recognizes that she has three youngsters to care for as well as can not pay for to lose any more time or money. Plus, it’s tough to contest the fact that he’s been a trustworthy boyfriend also. He even offers to care for her children while she’s in jail and waiting to see if she’s going to shed her medical permit. When Zola was stressed over neglecting Derek on Halloween, DeLuca consoled her by telling her a sweet tale about her dad.

Will Meredith and also DeLuca separate? For now, I really hope not. I believe that there’s still something worth holding onto there.

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