Actually everybody is speaking about ‘I Love You, Now Die’ so here’s just how to watch it in the UK

So, what’s on the viewing routine? We’ve got our eyes on I Love You, Now Die, the amazing real criminal offense situation of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy.

In 2014, the 18-year-old teen took his own life after 4 previous attempts but throughout the investigation, authorities discovered a string of messages from 17-year-old Carter, his partner at the time, allegedly urging him to commit self-destruction.

It’s clear that we’re a nation of real criminal offense TV addicts. Such is their appeal that Sky has actually developed an entire new juicy channel devoted to them: Sky Crime. Hallelujah!

“Are you gon na do it currently?” “There’s a great deal of ways.” “You keeping over thinking it … You just need to do it like you stated,” she wrote in a series of texts. While the pair just fulfilled in person a handful of times, they invested years connecting through message.

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