Atlanta police officer under attack for stating massage therapy parlour shooter was having a ‘bad day’

A constable’s deputy is under fire for claiming the major charged in the Atlanta day spa shooting, in which 8 people passed away, was having “a poor day,” even as one of his own old social networks messages that meant bigotry resurfaced.

Captain Jay Baker, the constable’s replacement in Georgia, was instruction the media after a 21-year-old was reserved on Wednesday for taking place a rampage at three health facilities in the Atlanta location, killing 8 people, including six females of Asian descent.

” He was pretty much fed up and sort of at the end of his rope,” Captain Baker from Cherokee County constable’s office said, speaking about the implicated on Wednesday. “Yesterday was a truly poor day for him and also this is what he did,”

The deputy additionally said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long of Woodstock, Georgia, had “comprehended the gravity” of his activities when he was interviewed by detectives on Wednesday morning.

His statement of “poor day” infuriated many on social media where he was called out for prejudice. Some labelled it as an attempt to “humanize” the accused. The shooting occurrence comes in the middle of the increasing hate criminal offenses against Asians in the United States.

One of Mr Baker’s old social media articles additionally resurfaced after the case that showed him advertising anti-Asian material online.

In a Facebook article from 30 March 2020, Mr Baker promoted sales of an anti-Asian T-shirt, which resembled the rhetoric of the then incumbent head of state Donald Trump, referring to the coronavirus as an “imported infection from Chy-na.”

” Place your order while they last,” Mr Baker created on the article previously.

” Instead of even thinking about the murder of 6 Asian females a hate criminal activity, CaptainJay Baker said it was a ‘actually bad day’ for the suspect,” created author Viet Thanh Nguyen on Twitter. “The t shirt he likes claims “COVID-19 Imported Virus from Chy-Na.” I wonder if these are related …”

” Cop states it’s not a hate criminal activity, it’s him simply having a bad day,” actress Arden Cho created on Twitter. “Oh ok. NO. It’s since you’re a racist additionally Jay Baker.”

” This apologist for a mass killing anti-Asian racist, becomes an anti-Asian racist himself,” wrote sports analyst Kieth Olbermann. “CaptainJay Baker should be fired. Whichever of his employers allow him deal with the media today need to be fired. Not explored, not on leave– fired and also prevented from civil service.”

” I am getting in touch with Capt. Jay Baker to resign. He tried to humanise the Atlanta killer & & suggested the shooting was not a hate criminal activity,” created Po Murray of Newton Action Alliance. “Last year, he promoted racist t shirts blaming China for the pandemic-saying that the coronavirus was imported from ‘CHY-NA.’ “

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