BANKEX AMA Session - Part 3

That’s a good point. Journalism release will be made when we pass the examination. There are numerous individuals in the Paxful system and also the item ought to work completely. At the same time the service has actually already made 11 actual offers for our clients recently (with native user interface)– any one of you can do it right now.

Great deals of information regarding Paxful but MainWallet no place pointed out, Idid not discover anything concerning it on Paxful system, so no person besides in this channel learn about this combination.

Currently, the official internet site is only an overview page. Currently, there is no web page of the Internet sales platform and there is no mobile phone APP shopping mall. How do you run? This amounts a firm that has actually not had a shop for a long time. Presently, the valuation of $1 million is still too expensive. We need internet shopping center and also smart phone APP, sites like and okex, as well as we require bkx to officially open up shops for organization.

When can BKX store be run? Like Amazon and OKEX, there are products, services as well as on-line store operations.

It’s currently functioning now. The last user interface upgrade was made the other day. So far the product is not excellent– this is due to the technical capability to make use of any kind of application in several robots. On the other hand, there are two large benefits. The initial is that the user can choose which area to play or utilize the application in. The second is that you can earn money from the promo of your favorite application as a reference or administrator. These are really amazing functions.

I want to speak about the profit version. Numerous token projects have such a system. Use 30– 50% of the firm’s revenues to get your token and afterwards ruin it. As token market value management, bkx company must consider this operation. Otherwise, a basic token is a loss-making job.

However, the suggestion of collecting symbols and afterwards damaging them functions severely for the token energy. This version is more compatible with DeFi services.

We make the BKX blood circulation reduction version much better. We utilize the basic objective of any type of people to earn money, for a manager or vendor– it is a lot more powerful than getting something for tokens or getting discounts. All big systems utilize standard objectives of people– we are on properly.

Making use of the mainwallet robotic, the interface feels like DOS procedure in the black-and-white age. Our application has actually been in the globe of graphic shade for greater than 20 years. Don’t return to the past

You have actually discovered the WeChat interfaces well, but you have actually not learned the interfaces of other applications in the world. The worldwide trend of user interface simplification has been going on for regarding ten years and has also brought about the look of messengers.

There are lots of materials regarding it, check out it at free time.

AMP interfaces

Text interfaces are much cooler and much more easy to use than most indigenous applications. Yes, it is similar to DOS, however it is the future generation of user interfaces that we will all be working with for the next 10 years.

You can also see the record on brand-new banks in the Eastern area– fifty percent of these gamers are banks in messengers.

So if you have contacts with the WeChat developers, tell them that brand-new message user interfaces have actually been developed in the Telegram– let them check out our experience and we will certainly be happy to comply.

Along with what I stated earlier, MainWallet can do group conversations for hundreds of people in a single purchase. There is no one application worldwide that can do this, including not a one in WeChat.

Like this:

I do not intend to criticize group job, my goal is to have products supplied to capitalists. The group stated that a lot of things prepared. Multilingual variations of mainwallet, mobile phone APP, assimilation of previous organizations, devastation of millions of token, cellphone ID login to mainwallet and more all said that they were ready to launch quickly. Therefore, several months passed, nothing occurred as well as the market worth fell constantly.

The group concentrates on the core of the product, it is a cost engine and token cold system. We released the commission engine yesterday. The other functions are ready, but their magazine needs to have financial sense– the sharing of costs from managers’ revenue.

No technology has no future without marketing.

BANKEX– the brand name is known around the globe globally. Igor, our chief executive officer, fulfills a great deal of people in the United States and everybody knows us. There are not many groups in the cryptomarket that are as popular around the globe. This is the outcome of the best advertising and marketing out there in late 2017. We know just how to do advertising and we will repeat it at the required moment.

Partners are not supporting the team, neither are they criticizing the team’s work because of rate. But I assume a community requires an excellent conversation atmosphere, not to stay clear of problems, consisting of costs. Cost is additionally a manifestation of market efficiency. The community needs to review whatever openly as well as democratically, and also the team must seriously consider the point of views of the neighborhood.

Currently the price of all symbols is not impacted by anything yet 2 aspects:

1. basic instructions and mood of the market– we can not impact it at all.

2. launch of the token economy utility, which will certainly lower flow. This is what we can do and also we are concentrated on it.

We are not programmers, we are not permitted to talk about rates in the community, we do not comprehend technological advancement, as well as the team does not have lots of news releases. Then I ask: what can we perform in the community? How can it aid the project develop? Is it repeated each day: HELLO?

You can:

1. Test the product and offer updates as well as brand-new attributes. What’s more, you can think of a new script for MainWallet– and also we’ll integrate it.

2. Run the reference system, you can invite individuals to MainWallet and raise our neighborhood.

3. Try the stacking when it’s ready.

I constantly feel that MainWallet crawler does not have much modern technology at present. To start with, it is very easy to duplicate and also only straightforward. Additionally, there is no market value. Due to the fact that there are numerous better choices

For instance, Telegram has a token wallet solution.

At the heart of MainWallet is a hefty and also very complicated digital possession repository for corporate customers (BANKEX Custody), which we have been developing for over two years. At the same time, it is quick and really low-priced.

No more than 20 firms worldwide currently own such modern technologies; these are huge crypto exchanges and some crypto custodians.

All our rivals service the basis of BitGo depository, that makes their transactions a lot more costly. This is precisely the reason why they can not duplicate team deals in between users– a purchase per 100 individuals in MainWallet prices 0%, in a BitGo-based pocketbook it will set you back 0.5% or even more. We have the very best setting on the planet now on immediate economic technologies in carriers.

When you are saying things such as this my self-confidence in your project goes 100x. I’m sure you will make it individuals


I had an amusing situation last week, I met with a top supervisor of a big European bank that is responsible for incorporating his bank right into a messenger. He was a really important and severe guy. After I showed him what MainWallet can do in carriers, his eyes turned red as well as he nearly wept.

He claimed: “You’re showing me right now what we hesitate to dream around”.

This is the actual level of our innovation right now.

The team said two months ago that it was ready, the multilingual version of MainWallet. Why hasn’t it been launched yet? I really feel cheated.

Since the cost messages aren’t all set yet. It’s our fault, we’ll repair it soon. Sorry.

Where is laying system anounced month ago?

Sprints method:
payment engine ->
token freezing ->
recommendation system ->
bitcoin ->
indigenous Paxful ->
multi-language –
web admin for PayBot owners ->


19.95 TRX were sent out to the address TDAhseyVHzjxBmt8n2d7RLfQMLwUjSTNWS.

Your demand is being processed. It can spend some time depending on blockchain. Withdrawal recommendation: dfa70e0c-c346– 4c90-b1c2– 593c5894d668.

Please wait, Tron withdrawal occasionally takes a very long time, we’ll repair it soon. Stay tuned.

Telegram will soon accept Broxus, which sustains 140 encrypted money and also greater than 10 exchanges. In the future, telegram will bring its very own robotic, so will mainwallet lose its market?

We’ll make it quicker to integrate exchanges with MainWallet right into Telegram’s. There’s no question regarding that. If you have contact with the group of this pocketbook– tell them that we welcome their task as well as prepare to offer all feasible assistance and also suggestions. All the groups in crypto are doing an excellent job with each other as well as it’s great to be even more of us.

I don’t fairly comprehend what you indicate. Can you incorporate mainwallet with telegram’s main interface? Due to the fact that now telegram has its very own budget integrated into it, customers will certainly all go to telegram! Because it gives simpler solutions.

No, certainly not.

Excellent inquiry, there are a couple of crucial essentials:.

1) Telegram is not an open system, and also when their blockchain prepares, they will include it to their API. After that, all groups will certainly begin creating applications. Do not forget our benefit– a lot of users as well as a great deal of reliable features.
2) Telegram sustains one coin– Gram. We sustain any coin, and also in addition we can make use of Gram in various other carriers, such as Twitter or Facebook messenger, or WeChat.
3) Each transaction of the bunch blockchain requires gas. This will impose a limitation on little deals for several individuals. We can do such deals now absolutely free.

So it is profitable to have gamers like us as a large community. And also the community market is large, with close to 300 million customers.

It can be stated that presently it only takes one night to totally get in touch with biyong, and also telegram will certainly have the ability to trade wallets, robots and fast exchanges quickly.

Of course it’s not. And as I have stated often times, it is not the wallet or exchange that is very important for individuals– there are a great deal of them on the market. Deals in team chats, the commission engine and referral system are important. These parts of any one of our competitors will do a long time– it’s really complex and time intensive fintech.

Every time the same. Quit to help them. They uncommitted for capitalists. Two years passed individuals uncommitted regarding this task. They discover it pointless. This is the true.

Hello Kyriakos, team men (and Igor as well) spoke with you a great deal in the last 6 months. Do not misinform the individuals that we do not give you time, that’s not true.

Has the group shed its method? Presently, mainwallet and gramstore are simply platforms for playing video games? Bankex is a brand name that supplies new financial services. This brand name needs to have its very own photo, logo and also morality. Chief executive officer and team are workers with bank experience. They need to constantly remember their initial mission, vision and worths. Our financial investment in BKX is not to sustain you to make a game system. We want you to change conventional financial institutions and produce innovative financial designs and also organization chains.

First we make easy applications, after that more complicated applications. I have actually stated this sometimes before that we have no concentrate on video games. Particularly, the group made the world’s first transfer of fintech applications to the structure telegram– please be much more attentive).

/ send 100 bkx.

We included a fee engine for some admins yesterday, now I’ll show you exactly how it works.

For instance, it’s a balance of the admin’s incomes in this group currently:.

Now we are doing a simple procedure in this team (in which this account is the administrator), such as a free gift:.

/ giveaway 100 TRX.

Currently we see the cause this admin:.


100 TRX (giveaway from @ddiddi).

+ fee 10% (fee to top of giveaway payment for this sort of deal).
= revenue facility 10 TRX cost.
* 20% (team admin part of revenue).
= 2 TRX net revenue to the manager of this team.

In order to boost an admin 2 TRX internet revenue, to 6– 8 TRX– he can purchase Degree 2 for freezing BKX. (~ 5000 BKX).

How to register my team such as this?

Wait a little much longer, we require 1– 2 days.

For the freezing itself how much earnings will be obtained as a BKX holder?

Revenue depends upon the number of individuals in the team and their engagement.

With increased count on MainWallet product and boosted Checks, it can be a great deal of cash, specifically for the SEA, Middle East, Africa as well as Central America markets.

Currently with all the transactions in this group, this guy @bankexsupport will earn money.
Do not allow him down!

/ giveaway 500 BKX 100.

It is likewise readily available to make customized groups for enjoyment, video games, trade and also exchange, or token neighborhood. We will discover this new market together for all.

Intend to have smart phone Application! Can show all functions as well as on-line stores.

I do not see your registration in MainWallet. Please send me pm a screenshot of your MainWallet account.

After going into mainwalletbot, the experience was not very good. The user interface was just loaded with words. I really felt not great, so I really did not wish to proceed.

I inspected again. You’ve never ever opened MainWallet or our other PayBots.

I think giving comments on a product you have actually never ever even seen misbehaves. You’re lying to our community.

Let’s make a deal– you go as well as examine all the MainWallet functions and also send me screenshots in individual messages + I’ll inspect the backend of your operations. After that, you can offer me your feedback.

If you don’t do it, I’ll send you to BAN.

Do not cheat on our community.

The message is not supported on your version of Telegram Web. Update the application to see:

Still can not obtain from where cost for staker is taken? A couple of time I sent out large amounts of BKX tokens and also each time I had no fees billed.

Charge relies on the sort of transaction. “Send” transactions are cost-free, “gift”, “free gift”, “donate” transactions– charge is taken from the top, for the “lotto”, “paywall” the cost is taken from the recipient. For “profession” deal coincides when it comes to exchanges: maker 0,25% and taker 0,25%.

Thanks currently recognized. I do not have very own network or team, however have lots of symbols, will I have the ability to stake all of them to obtain some comissions?

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