Is BKX Check presently out of usage?

BKX Check was concentrated at seeing tokens of ERC721, ERC223, ERC888 and various other standards. After the launch of this feature at the OpenSea, our version of BKX Check was closed by my remedy in 2018 Sept. You can see exactly how it works now here:

BKX Scan code has been saved as well as will be re-launched in January 2020 to check out MainWallet procedures. Several of these features you can see right now, they are identified as/ dealid5de0b7e3f719b400125f6024.

Do not be also optimistic, startups are dangerous. The elite followers are only 3– 4 people. As a matter of fact, those few individuals are simply chatting in the group on a daily basis. The mainwallet team additionally has just a total amount of 1,000 people, as well as its popularity is still chilly and also cheerless. Advertising and marketing is an extremely tough thing.

I have actually currently answered that concern before.
@mainwalletbot can be included by any type of manager to his group or channel and also make economic transactions in them. There are currently greater than 100 of such groups and also @mainwallet group is just among them. Admins include bots to brand-new teams each day due to the fact that it’s profitable for them.

Hi. Regarding mainwallet, it is gotten in touch with my telegramm phone number account?

The bot is not tied to a contact number, but it is connected to a Telegram ID. If you lose your Telegram ID, it will certainly be difficult to recover your budget, however it is possible (!!!!!).

If i loosened my phone and start a brand-new telegramm on following phone is all the down payment back?

In order to do this fairly, we will add blockchain to the MainWallet transaction chain. This will certainly be performed in Q1– 2020.

Strategy to leave rip-off?

I do not like hearing that.

I don’t understand any type of groups in crypto who planned the departure rip-offs at the beginning of the work. Yes, much of them fell short to attain their objectives and failed their tasks, discouraged their area. However I make certain all these men did whatever they could. Crypto market and its groups are way extra honest than any other economic markets, and also it is really clear, everyone sees every little thing that is occurring. Yet this is a reason for the unreasonable media to say negative aspects of cryptocommunities. Do not think these newspapers.

When it comes to us, we were among the first worldwide to speak about the term “possession tokenization”. When we created our very first whitepaper, the term tokenization was recognized no greater than 100 people in the world.

Numerous people are speaking about tokenization right now. There are a lot of teams asking us just how it works. The team as well as you, our community, have done a lot of work as well as we will certainly do more with your assistance, this is our market, we have actually been working below because 2015 and we will certainly remain to defend its rate of interests.

Is it connected with Google acc?

Our Custodianship system permits you to link the id of various other systems, consisting of Google. First off now we are dealing with getting in touch with Twitter ID.

This cross-messenger account system is developed to improve safety and security (some kind of decentralization of gain access to), consisting of the healing of the account.

Still can not recognize regarding telegramm ID.

Despite how great bkx marketing techniques are, there is no chance. It needs to be sustained development, differentiated remedies to new user and market problems, and targeted sector sectors and also monopolies. Or else, it coincides thing as the 2,000 competing items in the marketplace.

You’re right that the financial market is hard. We have been functioning there for a very long time, seasoned and also well notified concerning just how to accomplish success in it. This is the third significant success of the team in three years. This is not an accident.

The main thing to know about the modern-day cryptocurrency market is that it changes every 3 months. We alter along with him and also therefore we achieve success.

You see what we are doing now, suggesting “why it is different from what we did six months back”. Okay, yet our group already believes and knows what will certainly take place in 3 and also 6 months on our market, as well as we will remain in the best area once more.

Is it hard for mainwallet to release multilingual versions? Why didn’t it appear for as long? The growth of users is severely restricted.

Multi language prepares and also the first examinations were currently done recently in @youlotto team. Now we are converting the messages after which they will be released. This objective has been achieved.

Is ther any type of plan for brand-new exchanges?

We want to make the best cryptoexchanges in the marketplace for our area. The device of getting to the very best exchanges is currently easy– the more individuals the product as well as token have, the much more possibilities to reach the exchanges.

Now there are near 50,000 customers in the system. Top exchanges understand about it as well as we are already have brand-new negotiations today.

New whitepaper would certainly be launched? Where i can see the roadmap?

The hold-up is because of the truth that I personally want to make them much better. Sorry, guys, I’ll fix it. I understand just how important this is.

Can you please blog post a listing with the public teams that use mw? In greater than 100 as you state the amount of groups using me, there should be 10 or more public … Or are all exclusive?

The service to this concern is easy– we will position all public groups in

The capability as well as management part of this site is ready as well as our mediators have begun to service loading.

Laying will exist?

Yes, Igor has chosen to make a risk. BKX owners will certainly extracted part of the income gotten by the managers of the system. This is just one of the factors for the whitepaper hold-up, the economic climate of staking is made complex.

What do you imply with: “we Will add blockchain to the mainwallet deal chain”?

We have actually run into numerous attacks such as “gotten or not received transaction”. Greater than 20 daily.

They utilize all possible ways to mix up customers, admins, coins, amounts, simultaneously. And it is difficult to verify who is right, due to the fact that if the customer is wrong, he or she begins to say that he or she is being cheated.

This is specifically the case where Bitcoin was invented.

I don’t believe we can locate a better remedy to this problem– the service is basic, purchases are connected in a chain via hashes, which will provide us a possibility to show the truth for the assaults of this vector.

This Is nosense. Or do you imply that bankex Will implement its own blockchain?

Typically very own blockchain is create buzz. In our situation, we only need to solve the protection against fraudulence strikes, so it will be an easy option

If bankex sets up a company in China, it is additionally excellent to finance in China and also perform business.

We’re trying to find partners on the Landmass, it’s really challenging. The NEO WeChat purse is licensed. We do not recognize exactly how to get a similar permit, it’s a reality we need assistance from Chinese area. But nonetheless, we have a large Chinese area and several pals in China. We will work on this task.

The bkx tokens are already in ethereum blockchain so exactly how do you include a blockchain to mainwallet? An execution for mainwallet as well as bkx indigenous Coin?

We such as the suggestion of financially inspired voting (mining) to validate the blocks. It’s like mining bitcoins, however not by estimations– however by clicking users for a fee to resolve issues. This scheme is currently applied in the Quizz circulation. I can’t provide you more accurate info currently– we are concentrated on closer jobs, such as payment engine as well as monetization.

ICO when moneyed by white paper. Is there anything applied as a white paper? There’s absolutely nothing.

We implemented most of the whitepaper concepts in 2017– 2018. The BANKEX GitHub has more than 230 code repositories and also thousands of wise contracts.

The trouble is transforming suggestions right into real individuals, the majority of crypto modern technologies are extremely challenging for individuals. This is a truth. So we discovered the easiest interface for customers and also now we are implementing the technologies stated in the very first white paper.

You will soon see Digital Art & TikTok-like video clip tokenization in MainWallet. That remains our goal.

That triggered this situation, BKX landed at OKEX that year and also immediately released 200% token. The fast issuance of token set off a large-scale decrease, and the team has a wonderful duty.

That’s the perspective, yet it’s not true.

The cost decline was because of hold-ups in listing on cryptoexchanges, as well as the hold-up in listing on cryptoexchanges was due to a x10-x100 boost in their audience in 2017dec– 2018jan. No person recognized that the exchanges would do this, so due to the fact that they had actually done so differently before.

Yet you can not respond to all of our questions. Can you explain why OKEX has 4000W even more tokens, and why UPBIT transferred all the symbols, you are not from the team, so you don’t understand, right?

+ and also other questions regarding blood circulation.

Yes, we are enhancing circulation currently– it is related to the release of the MainWallet item and the launch of the token economic situation. And also as we have stated before, we have huge capitalist with whom we do it together.

Yet the important point here is another. This misbehaves, but now the market is such that no activities with flow have any type of effect on the price. The market is full of fear as well as bearish moods.

If you compare the price motions of big altcoins– you will certainly see that every one of them, including we stir the exact same. All symbols– BNB, TRX, EOS, OMG as well as various other …

This is the discomfort of the cryptomarket currently.

Yesterday CZ, chief executive officer Binance claimed on this subject, he said concerning this: the altseason will start one way or another, our team believe in it and also are waiting for him.

In our situation, we are not only waiting on the altcoin season, however also run the energy technicians of the BKX token. Group as well as network managers have profit from freezing symbols = so they reduce market circulation of symbols.

I’m gon na attract you a photo of just how the energy technicians function so you can recognize it much more plainly.

Men, this plan demonstrates how MainWallet generates income and exactly how it influences the circulation of BKX.

You can see among these managers below, as an example: @mainwallettrade

It’s not our team.

This man saw that we published a new feature, profession. So he quickly gathered a community of individuals that are interested in a fast tiny exchange of tokens as well as coins.

He is now the manager of this team, and will certainly quickly start obtaining % of each deal in this team.

This is a great possibility to make money.

Our job is to develop all the conditions for him as well as the very same people to gain faster and much more.

Last question: I stated we ‘d make 100,000 customers in November.

We have reached the objective of 50,000 individuals, and also the goal of 100,000 continues to be the exact same.
The factor for the delay, I gave the command not to release the compensation system without BKX freezing.

We will certainly release the commission engine and also BKX freezing with each other.

A short record on what we carried out in two weeks:
  • brand-new site for group managers has been produced as well as screening is in progression;
  • new internet site for paybot proprietors (whitelabel remedy for the other coins and also tokens neighborhood) has been made, we are now making our first two executions;
  • brand-new website has been launched. This is a very cool site with fantastic layout.
  • new web site is for group publishing, paybots as well as application where the mainwall is mounted. The site is now being inhabited.
  • new site has actually been produced. It will be released this week.
  • The system of small amounts of messages is made. This is an integrated service for the Mainwallet. If you add the @mainwalletbot to your group, you will not have any more spam. This is the initial service in the world where the message moderation system is complete and does not require manual setup.
  • profession and also paywall features– frod defense has been improved
  • combination of 2 new applications/ paxful (p2p money exchange) and also @pokertelegrambot– for third-party pc gaming business. It is important below that we are the initial on the planet to incorporate fintech app in messenger. No person has actually ever before done this in the past, this is the future.
  • A prototype of the indigenous assimilation of Paxful into the mainwallet was made. Very soon you will certainly be able to make p2p deals to trade crypto to fiat right in telegram bot, with solid escrow protection.
  • BKX freezing is integrated right into the compensation engine. This is our priority. We are preparing its magazine in the coming days.
  • new responses and captcha functions have been included, the captcha option is based on the remedy of the Chinese company GeeTest
  • two remedies for buying cryptocurrency via a bot from a charge card were integrated. We are presently checking them and will certainly publish them quickly.
  • One of the most difficult task, which took a lot of time, is a complete code refactoring, taking into account all the assaults repulsed in August-October

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