BANKEX Finishes Customer Discovery Immersion

Also, Bankex Group finalized its deal with 1World Online, teaming up to bring bundled “messenger publishing with a paywall” solution to publishers already on 1World platform.

Combined, 1World publishers reach 1 billon people worldwide. The bundle runs exclusively on MainWallet.

“Did you come by tunnel?” — Max Smetannikov, Bankex Director, U.S., with Edmond Allmond, Communications Director, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, at Forbes Councils reception.

Bankex CEO and founder Igor Khmel gave multiple speeches and interviews while on tour, including a private MainWallet demo held at Khmel’s alma mater, Stanford University Graduate Business School. The demo was followed by a lengthy question and answer session.

Some key findings:

  • MainWallet is a successor to PayPal and Venmo. Delivering cross-platform international functionalities impossible for technology providers rooted in traditional financial networks.
  • MainWallet has a distinct niche, among up and coming neobanks, being a messenger-first, digital assets-friendly financial services platform.
  • MainWallet is unique in being massively scalable, being offered as in tandem with a growing number of massively popular messaging systems.
  • MainWallet surpasses competitors in key growth, profitability and customer retention characteristics.

Bankex registered feedback from:

• Some of the largest Silicon Valley VCs
• Top incubators and accelerators
• Channel partners, interested in reselling MainWallet
• Gram store partners, interested in being sold in MainWallet environment
• Top executives, interested in joining Bankex’s team
• Private investment clubs
• Enterprise customers, interested to add MainWallet to their service offerings

Igor Khmel, Bankex CEO, and Max Smetannikov, Bankex Director, U.S., at Stanford University Graduate Business School

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