I attempted the latest Cool Laser treatment

It’s the non-invasive treatment the Kardashians obviously speak highly of, and also currently it has actually landed in the UK. From fine-lines as well as pigmentation to age spots and also acne, The Novus Medical Cool Laser Treatment guarantees to soothe a number of skin concerns whether it be great lines or marks.

It can also tighten up skin around the jawline or plump lips without making use of fillers– genius! To top it off, the treatment has a much quicker cooling off time in comparison to various other skin lasers that leave you red, peeling off as well as concealing inside for days.

Exactly how it Works

The pulse from the Cool Laser warms the water in the skin and vaporises it. The duration of the pulse can be adjusted for various kinds of therapies making it functional whatever your skin issue.

It does not burn the skin as much as various other CO2 lasers yet after a few days, there may be peeling off of the surface layers if it has been made use of for skin rejuvenation. The warm additionally activates a healing feedback in the deeper layer of the skin that enhances collagen growth to offer the skin a smoother look over a longer period of time.

Relying on the area being treated, you may need 1-5 therapies. For skin renewal, you require 1-3x treatments with 4-6x weeks apart.

The Reviewer Camilla Wood, GLAMOUR UK Senior Advertising Manager

Appeal Bio

As an enthusiastic sun candidate in long-term search of a tan, I’m beginning to notice the damage I have actually caused my skin throughout the years.

As I creep closer to 30, I am much more conscious of a healthy skin treatment routine to future proof my skin as much as feasible. If this treatment is one way to smooth creases and also coloring without resorting to aesthetic therapies like botox I am offered.

My Review

I met Dr Vincent Wong at his clinic just off Harley Street in London where I was suggested to stay out of the sun for 7-10 days before my visit. Before the therapy started, I had an evaluation which included inquiries about my existing skincare regimen and lifestyle. Dr Wong was not very impressed by my love of the sun and attempt I claim it, sunlight beds. He explained my coloring spots which I hadn’t even understood I had. Allow’s simply state, it was the shock that I needed.

He first removed my make-up off with an alcohol-based cleanser to make sure there was nothing left on my skin. He chatted me via how the treatment works and what the awesome laser would actually seem like which promptly placed me at ease. He transformed the great laser maker on as well as got to function. The awesome laser pulses over your skin as well as it clicks as the laser fires. Depending on the severity a couple of passes of laser might be needed. The feeling feels like an extremely subtle sting or mild sunburn but yet it only lasted a number of mins– I would state I was in as well as out of the center in 20 minutes.

After the laser, a cooling face mask was put on my face for 10 minutes which was bliss to calm the sunburn sensation. Following this, Dr Wong used a moisturising oil to my face and also encouraged me not to put on make up and also avoid working out for 24 hrs.

My face was a little red, nevertheless it was not as you could picture considering I had simply had a laser therapy. I was nervous I would certainly be leaving intense red but I was right back to collaborate with no humiliation and within no greater than 4 hours, the soreness had actually calmed down. I was out for dinner that night with zero worries that my face resembled a tomato.

The following early morning, I noticed my skin had a couple of refined red marks. You wouldn’t be able to see these unless I pointed them out to you however this was all component of the skin rejuvenation procedure. These were gone within a week as well as my skin was left sensation glowy and actually clear.

The Verdict

The treatment was great! I was in and also out of the clinic within 20 minutes, which is much quicker than other invasive laser treatments I’ve heard scary stories around. My skin felt glowy as well as invigorated after simply one treatment as well as it gave me a new-found self-confidence to head out without makeup. It’s an of course from me.

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