It’s a myth that cutting your hair makes it grow quicker

Well, it turns out that the old ‘cutting your hair makes it expand much faster’ charm rule is a complete misconception. Seriously, we comprehend if you need to take a min, life suddenly feels like it’s toppling down …

Do you keep in mind when you were younger as well as all you actually wanted was long, lovely hair You ‘d be told you need to have your hair cut to make that happen? Yeah it made no feeling after that and also even today, we’re none the wiser.

The discovery comes many thanks to Seventeen, who talked to Rihanna and Rita Ora’s celebrity hair stylist Angela C Styles (fitting name, right?) and she debunked a few of the modern false impressions bordering the development of our hairs.

“There’s a common myth that cutting your hair will make it grow much faster. That’s not always true,” she states.”Cutting your hair makes it expand much healthier since it eliminates the hair that would split. The hair at the origin is able to grow as well as you’re able to maintain size and stay clear of splitting. If you allow split ends to stay on the strand, the hair will certainly remain to divide and also you’ll never ever see the size.”

So, she’s essentially claiming that if you do not have a trim, your split ends will run trouble and likely split additionally up your head eventually snapping as well as making your hair short, quiting it expanding long. Trims do help your hair to grow but they will not in fact make it expand quicker.

According to Angela, the frequency of your trims depends on the appearance of your hair. “People with distinctive hair need to make certain to reduce their hair every 2-3 months,” she clarified. “For individuals with non-textured hair, hairstyles differ based on exactly how quick their hair expands. Many individuals should reduce their every 6-10 weeks. No one needs to go no more than 6 months without cutting their hair.”

So now we understand, finally.

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