This blog writer’s 3 hacks for prolonging time between hair laundries are so simple but we’re listening

While we could quit washing our hair completely and also let mother earth do her work, there is one more method to make the hair cleaning routine more convenient and also United States blog owner Jess Keys of The Golden Girl has the solutions.

If there was something you might get rid of from your morning routine (or evening, whichever way you do it) what would it be? The tiresome faff of cleaning, conditioning then brushing as well as ultimately blow-drying your hair? United States also.

She recently shared her hair washing knowledge with The Everygirl and we can’t actually think we didn’t think of these hacks for extending time in between out hair washes before. Below are Jess’s leading three methods to make your tidy hair last longer …

Blow-dry just the roots

This method obviously makes all the difference to the longevity of your blowdry. According to Keys, “When you wash your hair, let your hair air dry as high as possible, but, if you hit the roots (just the origins, because, you understand, hair dryer = damages) with the blow-drier for a warm 2nd and also obtain your origins dry (we’re talking, like, simply the leading half-inch to inch of your hair) after that it REALLY aids to fight grease. This actually makes an extraordinary difference in setting your hair up to be less oily.”

Always put on a shower cap if you’re not cleaning your hair in the shower

or bath If you’ve always avoided or overlooked a shower cap, you might want to reassess. Keys says, “I don’t recognize why I simply dismissed the suggestion of utilizing a shower cap for the first 29-odd years of life. This really aids combat frizz, due to the fact that also if my hair doesn’t splash in the shower, it does get insane from the heavy steam.”

Dry shampoo before bed not simply in the morning

If, like us, you generally spritz on the dry shampoo just before you leave your home, it’s worth being a little bit extra arranged. Keys says that, “where completely dry hair shampoo really shines remains in its preventative effects– it’s wonderful to spray on before you go to sleep! You’ll get up with even more voluminous bedhead and also it’s outstanding.”

So, there you have it. Easy means to make your hair cleans last much longer at no expense. Genius. Otherwise, below are the best completely dry shampoos on the market.

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