You can currently book the world’s very first quiet haircut

So why is it we feel self-conscious to claim we require some peaceful time? Why do we feel we need to bury our heads in a publication as well as hope they get the hint? Is it that we’re just as well British to ask?

‘So, got any type of strategies this weekend break?’. It’s almost as though all beauticians are informed to ask their customers this open-ended concern to damage the uncomfortable silence. Whilst some people enjoy having an excellent old natter with their hair stylists (some also treat them like a therapist), others like to enjoy the rare downtime to being in blissful silence.

One salon is making this uncomfortable dilemma much easier for us, by introducing the first-ever quiet haircut.

Not Another Salon, famous for its inclusivity and no judgment plan, is the world’s first hair salon to officially offer a solution that allows you to opt out of basic tab conversation when booking your hairstyle.

Never been used before, they struck the nail on the head when they said, “While so many people like a chin wag at the hairdressers, lots of simply need a long time out which must be okay to ask for.”

Just how does it function? Your stylist will still speak you with your assessment, as well as any hair associated information throughout your solution, but the rest of the time is your own. All you have you do is request a ‘silent’ cut or colour when reserving as well as nobody will judge you for it.

Reviewing the reasoning behind the brand-new deal, proprietor Sophia Hilton claims: “In order for us to be a real non judgment firm we need to think about all our clients’ needs. With mental health and wellness problems growing, really feeling comfortable to state when you require break could not be more vital.”

We couldn’t agree much more.

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