Foilayage– is the new hair colour technique

But lately, probably as a response to beauty salons being closed for so long throughout lockdown, there’s been an explosion of strong hair colour looks emerging, with trends like peekaboo colour as well as ‘cash item’ highlights taking our beauty parlors as well as our social networks feeds by storm.

For several years, balayage has been the best hair colour technique in hair salons as well as without a doubt the most prominent among their consumers.

When balayage came is was like all our hair colour prayers had been responded to. We can kiss farewell to stripy highlights as well as hello to softly sun-kissed, multi-dimensional colour. The technique, which originated in France, used painterly strokes of dye applied freehand by a colourist, as opposed to the traditional way of weaving via sections of hair with a comb before applying color from root to tip and folding aluminum foil around the section.

“Traditional highlights will certainly almost always utilize foils as well as colour is applied to the root of the hair whereas balayage is a visual hand-painted method working with items of hair,” explains HARI’s Creative Colourist, Francesca Dixon. “The outcomes are really different as balayage provides hair a combined and also overall softer subtle coating, whereas highlights (due to the fact that they are included from the origin) can often look stripy.”

While the refined impact of balayage is still significantly popular, many are going with a brand-new, more pronounced variation of the look utilizing a method that’s being called ‘foilayage’. Below’s whatever you need to recognize …

What is foilayage?

Foilayage is a combination of balayage with using foils regularly seen in the traditional application of highlights to produce better, lighter sections throughout while preserving a natural-looking surface.

Just how is foilayage used?

The colourist areas hair as well as tactically uses hair color, prior to wrapping the area in aluminum foils as well as entrusting to create. This enhances the illumination and lightness of the area while maintaining the complementary, face-framing benefits of balayage.

The secret to the look is all in the way the colourist applies the aluminum foils. In conventional highlights, the colourist would use dye from origin to tip, before folding the whole area in one piece of foil.

With foilayage, the section has been thoroughly repainted, often neglecting the origin or with color applied at a details angle. To prevent mixing areas of hair that have actually had color applied, as well as the sections that have actually been purposely missed out, the colourist uses 2 sheets of aluminum foil to sandwich the hair, maintaining the colour flawlessly in place while it creates. The foils speed up the lightening procedure and produce a brighter, much more great result.

What are the benefits of foilayage?

The outcome of foilayage is a much more great, brighter balayaged effect that has a lovely slope from root to pointer. Many individuals prefer the greater comparison in colour, akin to an ombré surface yet far better combined.

Like balayage, foilayage is among one of the most low upkeep hair colour strategy and can look equally as gorgeous grown out as it did fresh out of the beauty parlor.

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