Stress on the media is simply one part of the continuous switching of the screws of mass suppression in Belarus. More than 35,000 people have been apprehended, thousands have actually reported they were tortured or maltreated, and also Belarus now has more than 400 individuals who are taken into consideration political detainees. Over 3,000 criminal cases with political overtones have been opened up: those that paid militants’ fines, as an example, are being charged with “funding unrest.”

The firing of disloyal medical staff, social numbers, safety and security solution officers, academics, as well as instructors, and also expulsion of students have become everyday events. People have been maintained in detention facilities just for having objection sticker labels on their laptop or putting paper snows in their home windows tinted white as well as red (the shades of the demonstration activity).

Faced with the state’s heavy-handed strategy, any theoretical leader of the opposition who attempts to go down the roadway of peace and settlement with the authorities would find themselves without support from citizens, destroying any type of possibility of concession as an escape of the political dilemma. The regimen has backed itself into an edge, as well as is now terrified to relieve up the stress, being afraid that if angry people are provided extra freedom, there can be a repetition of last August.