Benefits of Cutting Down Salt Intake to Lose Weight

We all consume salt in our meals, it is a necessary required spice. However too much salt can cause weight gain and other more serious health conditions. Today we will discuss the health benefits of cutting down salt intake.

You should not eat more than 6g of salt a day. As you know too much salt can cause numerous health conditions such as: high blood pressure (hypertension) and weight gain.

In the UK the general consumption of salt is around 8.1 grams. Which is unhealthy. Do you know where you get the most sodium intake in your food from? The answer is: bread.

Bread is a companion to our meals, we eat it every day and this product in the UK and in most countries are known to have more unnecessary salt in them. We do not notice it because we are used to it.

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Benefits of Cutting Down Salt Intake to Lose Weight

There are loads of benefits in cutting down salt intake. You are less likely to suffer from a heath attack and recent studies show that cutting down salt makes you more able to lose weight.

The reason why eating too much salt can cause weight gain is because of the “osmotically-active” molecule. It means that in order for your body tissues to maintain hydrated you need to consume more water. This is the side effect of the “osmotically-active” molecule found on salt (sodium).

Once you cut down your salt levels this retaining water in your body will flush off and thus you will lose weight instantly. I hope you found this article useful. Cut down your salt intake for better health.

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