Beyoncé Wrote a Letter to Kentucky’s Attorney General Demanding Justice For Breonna Taylor

“Three months have actually passed– and Breonna Taylor’s household still waits on justice. Ms. Taylor’s family has not been able to take time to process as well as grieve. Rather, they have been working tirelessly to rally the assistance of buddies, their neighborhood, as well as the country to acquire justice for Breonna.”

She proceeded,”Three months have actually passed– and absolutely no apprehensions have actually been made, as well as no police officers have been discharged.

The LMPD’s examination was committed your workplace, and yet all of the policemans associated with the capturing remain used by the LMPD. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and also Officers Myles Cosgrove and also Brett Hankison have to be held liable for their activities.”

Beyoncé is requiring justice for Breonna Taylor in a manner in which’s simple to duplicate. On June 14, the singer shared an open letter to Attorney General Daniel Cameron on her web site. In the message, she requested “decisive and also swift activity”to be tackled Breonna’s behalf– specifically, that fees be brought versus the Louisville officers associated with Breonna’s fatality.”Three months have passed– and the LMPD’s examinations have actually produced extra concerns than answers,”Beyoncé created.”

Their event record mentions that Ms. Taylor suffered no injuries– yet we know she was contended least eight times. The LMPD officers claim they introduced themselves prior to requiring their means into Ms. Taylor’s apartment– yet her boyfriend that was with her, in addition to numerous neighbors, all claim that this is false.””Don’t let this case come under the pattern of no action after a terrible disaster.

“Beyoncé advised the attorney general of the United States to take three clear steps to recognize Breonna: bring criminal fees against the three officers, dedicate to openness in the investigation of their conduct, and also examine theLMPD’s action to Breonna’s murder.”

Don’t allow this situation fall under the pattern of no action after a dreadful catastrophe. With every fatality of a Black person through the police, there are 2 genuine misfortunes: the fatality itself, and the passivity as well as hold-ups that follow it,” she created. “This is your possibility to finish that pattern. Take swift and also definitive action in charging the police officers. The following months can not look like the last three.”

Have a look at her complete letter in advance, and think about elevating your voice for Breonna by writing your very own message to the address Beyoncé supplies. You can additionally authorize an application calling for the officers to be billed and also go to the #BirthdayForBreonna project site for more activity products.

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