Bioepilation: evaluated for yourself

In summer season, the trouble of unwanted hair becomes one of one of the most real for the female fifty percent of humanity. Which way to select, if you suddenly kept in mind at the time of putting on a short skirt? Shaving my legs each day is not an alternative.

On electro-depilation and photo-epilation it was essential to think early, months so three prior to the summertime. Bioepilation or hair elimination by wax is maybe one of the most affordable and also, according to the cosmetologist, the most demanded procedure. It suffices to do it as soon as a month.

The hair is promptly eliminated from the entire surface area. As well as the procedure takes a little time. The contributor of SE mosted likely to examine this data on its own feet.

“Will it hurt?”– I asked the beauty therapist. “If it’s the first time, it can be excruciating,” addressed the woman in a white coat truthfully, and also I prepared myself for the mascara on my eyelashes to stream from rips. I was placed on the couch, and also before I had time to recoup my detects as well as prepare for the agony, a really warm compound showed up on my knees, which the beauty therapist applied with an unique gadget with a roller.

A couple of secs after application, while the wax is not cold, it needs to be removed with special paper strips, to which it sticks limited. And also if you take into consideration that before this wax with regarding the exact same force attached to the leg, he can not conveniently leave the skin and takes with him every little thing that is severely lying, as well as in some cases stands on end– unnecessary to us hairs.

The ability of the cosmetologist is to remove the strip of paper stuck to the wax with the needed pressure as well as really sharply. Absence of toughness or slowness of the activity brings about the reality that the hairs stay in their place.

It was this trouble that stopped me from waxing the house at home– each time I did not have the self-control to tear off my skin. Just long hairs are taken out, so before the epilation they need to grow to 5 mm. Those that were also small throughout this duration will grow up just in time for the next treatment. From individually protruding, grown after the procedure of hairs can be removed with tweezers.

As for the impressions, on the knee as well as calves the experience might be described by the word “plaits”.

Closer to the ankle, it came to be really undesirable, and every stroke of the cosmetician’s hand was gone along with by an uncontrolled ache of my leg.

However, again– forgiving. As well as, if you think the beauty therapist, it harms just for the very first time, and after the hairs become weak and also thinner and resist the elimination currently a lot with less perseverance.

The procedure took 30 minutes. Both shanks were dealt with from the front, then from behind– I had to exist on my belly. After the treatment the master looked through the skin once more, fixed the troubles in the type of the making it through hairs, used butter on the shins with chamomile– it gets rid of the wax deposit as well as calms the skin, which, certainly, really feels irritated. Unlike her owner– my legs looked much better than after self-shaving in the restroom.

Suggesting not to damp your feet throughout the day and also taking 400 rubles (it was in “Leley”), the beautician sent me house. The skin was tingled up until evening, and also before going to bed, having analyzed my legs, I was frightened– they were covered with red bumps. So I brought beauty, I believed with difficulty. But in the early morning redness diminished, and the factors vanished after a couple of days.

The skin appeared it had never ever had hair on it. They only remembered themselves concerning practically two weeks later, when some roughness appeared. The visible indications of hair were gone through 3 weeks after the treatment.

All is well, yet you require to remember about preventative measures. The reality is that the wax can clog pores, which often causes in-grown hairs under the skin. Battle this trouble simply– light scrubs 2 times a week and also the required use of lotion or oil for the skin after a shower. Just how to care for the skin after hair elimination, I learnt by myself, the doctor warned me only that it is difficult to take a bath on the day of the treatment. On the day of epilation, you can not wipe the skin with alcohol-containing lotions. You can not sunbathe in a tanning salon or in the sun for 48 hours after the procedure.

When these 48 hours pass, then sunbathing, admiring your smooth skin, is strongly recommended for a great mood.

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