Broncos’ Von Miller Gave ‘Serious Consideration’ To Opting Out After Contracting COVID-19 In May

Dozens of players have actually made a decision to opt out of the 2020 NFL period as a result of COVID-19 issues, as well as Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller took into consideration doing so also. The eight-time Pro Bowler was the 2nd NFL gamer to reportedly check positive for the coronavirus back in May, but he really feels as though the task the Broncos are doing to keep their players safe is enough for him to really feel prepared to return to the field.

” I considered the positives and also negatives and came to my own choice and seemed like I could play,” Miller stated throughout a video meeting. “The job the Broncos are doing to keep us safe sufficed for me to not opt out.”

Miller stated earlier this offseason that he was “shocked” to discover that he had actually evaluated favorable for COVID-19 considering that he had actually been taking safety and security preventative measures seriously.

” It was hard for me to obtain my wind back for most likely two or three weeks after the virus,” Miller claimed. “Everybody’s symptoms aren’t the very same, but for me, I shed my taste and odor. I could not truly consume due to the fact that when you can’t scent or taste food, you lose your hunger.”

Von Miller

Von Miller The former first-round choice was an early advocate for everyday testing and said that it was the essential to the NFL having the ability to hold a risk-free and also successful season. The league wound up taking Miller’s suggestions, as players are required to sign up numerous adverse tests before they are permitted to take their physicals as well as struck the practice area.

If there was one favorable point to find from his COVID-19 experience, Miller said that it has certainly begun discussions amongst his colleagues in the storage locker area. Considering that he takes it seriously, Denver’s other gamers will also.

” From my colleagues, I get all kinds of questions regarding the infection,” Miller claimed. “I seem like it’s me pressing (the discussion) out there as well as saying, ‘This point is serious. It’s very, very serious.’ … We see the types of points occurring in baseball (with episodes) and we just don’t want that to occur in the NFL.”

While Miller will certainly not be opting out this year, gamers have up until Thursday at 2 p.m. to opt out of the 2020 season. To stay up to date with who will certainly hand down playing this year, check out CBS Sports’ opt-out tracker right here.

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