Caramilk blonde is a total vibe for dreamy summer hair colour

Honestly this hot weather is a mood. Now that the UK has been #blessed with a seriously beautiful summer, we want a hair colour that can keep up. Caramilk blonde is the dreamy hair shade we spotted on Insta from the experts at Perth-based hair salon, Los Pastels, and we’re hooked.

Of course, the Aussies know what they’re doing when it comes to warm, golden, sandy, summer, beach blondes. But Caramilk blonde blends the best of relaxed, piecey ocean hair, with 2022’s modern trend for the glossiest, healthiest, shiniest strands possible.

As the name suggests, it’s a blend of caramel undertones, scattered with lighter threads of  sun-kissed milky blonde to create a bright, but warm balayage that brings the sunshine now (while it can benefit from being lit by the sun), but also offers up a way to continue the good vibes into autumn.

The gentle contrast creates a pretty textured blonde that looks equal parts incredible and effortless, provided you go to an experienced hair artist who can mix and blend tones expertly before painting hair.


“I created this look by adding lightness all around the exterior the sides and outer layers of hair and keeping the depth in the interior of the hair the centre and under layers,” Los Pastel’s hair colourist, Grace, who created the colour, told GLAMOUR. “This creates dimension and contrast, making the blonde pieces pop.” The colour combo incorporated to achieve this deliciously glossy look feature warm honeyed under layers in a caramel tone, woven with textured sunny blonde, which Grace describes as a “bright golden tone” through the top layers. She used Redken’s in-salon Shades EQ gloss to keep the colour and condition looking perfect.

But to prolong it at home, it’s a good idea to use a brightening shampoo, such as Redken’s Blondage High Bright Shampoo to keep the colour fresh and a glossing treatment like R+Co Gemstone Ultra Shine Glossing Treatment, to ensure your shade sparkles.

As for styling, we love the movement loose waves give to celebrate all that gorgeous dimension.

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