Casa Bonita Sale Hits Another Bump In The Road

A group of neighborhood investors wishes to obstruct the sale of Casa Bonita in Lakewood. The famous dining establishment and also enjoyment location is readied to be in the hands of Comedy Central’s “South Park” creators Trey Parker as well as Matt Stone.

” Before South Park turned up, we put in a deal and we obtained a really sensible counteroffer,” stated Andrew Novick the leader of “We’ve always wished to have a say in the future of Casa Bonita.”

Novick has actually utilized money from an on-line project that increased virtually $70,000 to remain invested in the bankruptcy proceedings. He’s likewise organized a group of regional restaurateurs, artists as well as advocates to attempt and also purchase Casa Bonita throughout the pandemic.

On Monday, the group filed an objection to the sale of Casa Bonita to the group connected with Parker and also Stone.

” Our argument relates to the truth that the proprietor is truly selecting the favored purchaser for the owner. They’re truly coercing him right into choosing that group, rather than our team,” Novick claimed.

 Fans of Casa Bonita participate in a rally outside Casa Bonita on April 24.

Parker and Stone have an offer to buy the building, however it has to travel through personal bankruptcy court initially.

Novick states his team’s largest issue is altering the look and feel of the decades-old renowned site.

” Casa Bonita is part of South Park. South Park is not part of Casa Bonita,” he said. “I wouldn’t be doing our fans’ justice if we really did not follow it to the actual end.”

A court will pick the objection to the sale. A timeline for that decision isn’t understood and could occur at any time. A hearing that might accept the sale to Parker and also Stone’s group is set up for Dec. 1.

Aurora Coffee Shops Face Supply Chain Issues, Drought, Staff Shortages

Several coffee drinkers are commemorating National Coffee Day with a cup o’joe. There are multiple difficulties making it tough for local coffee shops to keep their doors open.

Coffee has actually been a lifelong passion for Freweyni Beyene. She fondly remembers coffee ceremonies from her youth in the Tigray area of Ethiopia.

” When I was 7, we used to have 3 times day-to-day conventional coffee. Morning, night, and mid-day,” stated Beyene.

When she matured, she moved to Colorado as well as opened up Endless Grind Coffee in Aurora. She claims she wished to bring a bit of Ethiopia to her new house.

” To educate the traditions to the neighborhood,” she says.

Not just does she brew coffee as well as serve it at her coffee shop, however she likewise roasts her own beans in the back.

” We have like, all-natural coffee … 100% natural,” she says.

Doing service, however, is obtaining harder for her as well as several other coffeehouse proprietors. Many thanks to dry spell, frosts, labor shortages and supply chain issues, the cost of wholesale coffee is steaming.

” Coffee is extremely expensive and afterwards you can not obtain them. When I purchased it comes like 3 or 4 days, prior to. Now I have to wait like maybe 10 days,” Freweyni states.

Likewise, the pandemic and the climbing expense of working, has actually inconvenienced to find assistance. She as well as her household are functioning an increasing number of these days.

” I’m working a lot of hours,” she says.

Freweyni states they are doing ok for now, but it’s a great deal to take care of. She hasn’t increased costs yet as well as she intends to stay in service long past this rough spot however she says she is beginning to think of various other occupation options for the future.

Her hope is that clients will certainly continue to sustain her shop so they can continue providing for the neighborhood.

” I love Endless Grind Coffee, and I love toasting, and I’m hoping I obtain a lot of walk-ins.”

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