Kid’s questions regarding sex become dangerous only after moms and dads react incorrectly

Bad information for traditionalists: despite how much you compose angry letters to the monitoring of TV networks and also various other “corrupt people”– your child is likely to find out about sex earlier than you prepared it.Did you spank the kid, catching him behind the mantle?

In action to an inquiry– where does the infant come from in my mom’s belly– did the conversation lead to the sky-high ranges? Fruitless, due to the fact that the major policies of the subject “concerning this”– do not be shamed, not upset, do not get terrified and also do not lie when you hear a ticklish inquiry.

The very first concern that the youngster asks:”Where did I originate from?”.”It is necessary to instantly omit tales regarding the stork as well as cabbage– due to the fact that it will certainly weaken the confidence in parents in the future,”warns sexologist and therapist Igor Poperechny.– The most important policy is constantly to answer all the inquiries that arise without damaging off with the expression”It’s too early for you to recognize” and respond to as truthfully as possible. ”

As Mr. Perepachny explains, at the preschool age the youngster has sufficient general details that he appeared as a result of the love of his father and mommy, he does not yet require technical information. A lot more accurate information should be offered as early as 7 years, and by the age of 12-13 the youngster ought to have full expertise– first off about contraception.

“The trouble is that in our colleges, the details that you need to have in the 6th quality is offered only in high school,” states Igor Poperechny.

On the question of what to like– an individual conversation or in time podsunutyu publication– specialists have no absolute response. The discussion in its entirety is more effective, yet, inevitably, this issue is specific. Guide is excellent because it allows you to maintain some range between parents as well as the kid, secures his own intimate area. Also better distance, naturally, permits you to preserve the old technique of sex-related education “Street inform!”, But on this his self-respect finishes. Do you remember just how Katka herself clarified the significance of love and also sex on the instance of drawings on the fence? Agree, both in material and in emotional examination, this was not one of the most trustworthy details.

Often– given the format as well as tightness of our apartments,– the photo accidentally comes before theoretical prep work. The circumstance in which the kid did not search in time at the parent’s bed room is, naturally, far better to caution beforehand– initially, the doors need to be closed, and secondly, it would certainly be good for all relative to find out to knock on the door prior to getting in (this, incidentally, to moms and dads, particularly the parents of a young adult).

But if the youngster still saw an intimate scene between the moms and dads, the main recommendations– without panic! It is important that the scenario is not imprinted in the kid’s memory as something horrible and adverse.

“A kid is most likely to see a battle in this scene, a battle,” Igor Pereperchny discusses. — And the anxious faces of the parents are just emphasized. The youngster at the age of 4 currently has an intuitive understanding of the process– he just can not formulate it– and also some sense of tact. He will certainly most likely leave the room. And the parents themselves ought to go out to him with a smile, calm, not ingratiating as well as not justifying themselves. If the kid does not ask inquiries, do not need to explain anything. A similar silent response must be, and also as an example, when viewing movies with erotic scenes– without screams “Get out of the area” and hasty channel changing. ”

Parents raised in Soviet preschools, can keep in mind the embarrassing actions of teachers to deal with “masturbation.” Here it is required to find out that modern-day professionals do not see anything irregular or dreadful in kid self pleasure. Penalizing, daunting a youngster as well as shaming is the most awful thing to do.

“Childhood masturbation is an essential component of the development of sexuality,” commented Manana Koridze-Datunishvili, a psychotherapist and prospect of medical scientific researches. — This is a psycho-hormonal act. As well as in this instance, the moms and dad has to be very proper, do not go across the intimate boundary of the child. “

However, permanent self pleasure can have neurotic reasons. “To fret as well as think about assessment with an expert is required just if the child masturbates very typically– 20 times a day or his rate of interest in sex is obsessive psychopathic. If the moms and dads respond steadly, without agiotage, the emphasis will progressively change to something else, “discusses Igor Poperechny.

In this topic there is only one truly terrible word– pedophiles. What explanations enhance the unwavering regulation: not to talk with strangers and also not react to their invitations? Igor Transverse suggests: not letting the haze out, however without entering into way too much information, allowing the child know that there are individuals who endanger his life and also health. “In the subtleties of pedophilia, youngsters under the age of 7 do not require to dedicate– they do not have a mental company for this,” says Mrs. Koridze-Datunishvili. At the same time, the restriction on hazardous colleagues with outsiders should be stronger than an additional guideline– “obey adults”.

“On the one hand, grownups ought to not be disrespectful, grownups should be listened to, one can not scream loudly in the street,” explains the psychologist at the Meridian A facility Elena Tokareva. “On the other hand, due to this prohibition, a child might not have the ability to shield himself from harmful adults-when it is required, on the other hand, to shriek, call for assistance.” To make sure that obedience does not become harmful, Elena Tokareva recommends to let loose the child, to remove too much shyness, to allow him make and also shriek sound in position where it does not hurt anyone.

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