Colorado Pro Athletes’ Stand Against Injustice Is Part Of ‘Modern Civil Rights Movement’

Former Denver Broncos gamer Reggie Rivers takes pride in Black professional athletes refuting racial oppression. The Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies and also Colorado Avalanche joined other teams throughout the country to require time far from the field or sectors to sign up with the movement this week.

” What these gamers are doing is a contemporary civil liberties activity,” Rivers informed CBS4’s Andrea Flores. “It takes a great deal of guts for these players to do what they’re doing. They have a whole lot to lose and very little to get personally.”

To recognize what the Black Lives Matter motion represents, Rivers claims you have to recognize the power Black professional athletes carry and also off the field.

” In Black America, the professional athletes are amongst one of the most established Black people in our community. They’re not always the lawyers and the medical professionals, however they drive a lot more earnings for companies, they have a lot of social power via social networks, they have a great deal of economic power through the organizations that they represent, and also they have a great deal of power in the leagues in which they play,” Rivers stated.

Reggie Rivers

He thinks followers and leagues are lastly seeing the cops cruelty Black professional athletes have actually experienced all along.

” We’ve constantly understood that law enforcement officer are extra aggressive with us, however no person else ever recognized that, nobody else ever saw it, it wasn’t their experience,” stated Rivers. “Because it’s so widespread today, I assume it provides an opportunity for these gamers to speak out in a way that possibly gamers in previous generations could not actually speak out.”

That’s why Rivers knows the risk these professional athletes are making is one worth taking.

” It’s something for LeBron James to do it, it’s another point for the man who’s the 6 male off the bench, or the last guy on the lineup. It’s a various thing for those individuals, yet they’re additionally doing it, and also I’m amazed by their courage and also their dedication to this vital problem,” Rivers claimed.

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