Dan Crenshaw claims he’ll be blind for a month as he recoups from eye surgical procedure

Rep. Dan Crenshaw says he’ll be effectively blind for “about a month” as he recuperates from surgical treatment for a separated retina.

The congressman from Texas is currently missing out on one eye, due to an injury he experienced as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan in 2012. The new injury is to his staying eye– or, as he calls it, his “half a good eye.”

Mr Crenshaw introduced his problem on Twitter, where he said he’ll be going away from public life for a while.

” A few days back, I noticed some dark, blurred spots in my vision, which seemed uncommon,” the congressman described. “I went to obtain this looked into with an ophthalmologist on Thursday as well as they discovered that my retina was detaching.”

” This is a terrifying diagnosis for somebody with one eye, and also the nature of the injuries that I suffered in Afghanistan,” he went on. “The blast from 2012 caused a cataract, excessive cells damage, and also substantial damage to my retina. It was constantly an opportunity that the results of the damage to my retina would certainly resurface, and also it shows up that is specifically what has actually happened.”

Mr Crenshaw claimed that on Friday morning his other half, Tara, drove him to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, where he went through emergency surgery.

” The surgical procedure worked out, however I will be successfully blind for concerning a month,” he stated. “I intend to specifically give thanks to the extraordinary group of medical professionals and nurses at the VA that took such great care of me.”

The congressman added that he’ll have to lie face-down for the following week, in order for a “gas bubble” placed by the specialists to function as a bandage on his retina.

While he recuperates, Mr Crenshaw states his offices in Houston and also Washington, DC will certainly continue to function in his absence. Congress is set up to go back to session following week.

The representative requested prayers for his recuperation, but shared self-confidence that he’ll be all right.

” I’ve obtained Tara by my side, as well as we are here in Houston with a lot of support,” he said. “I have made it through worse prior to, and I will make it through this.”

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