Does cleaning your hair frequently make it grow stronger or is it overall BS?

But Marcia Brady was additionally a fictional personality.

Marcia Brady brushed her hair with 100 strokes every eve bed and she had long, strong, and glossy blonde hair.

We never ever actually saw her full 100 strokes throughout as well as that knows– she was most likely feeding her hair moisturizing hair masks or attempting early testers of Olaplex behind the scenes.

As well as since you can not think everything you see on TV, we asked Sam Burnett, Owner Creative Director of Hare Bone hair salon, what the real deal is with brushing your hair …

Brushing can cause damage and frizz

It’s not all bad news, yet the truth is that cleaning can in some cases do even more injury than excellent, especially if you’re making use of the wrong brush or have curly hair.

“If you have curly hair I would certainly advise not cleaning, as it would separate all the curl and also develop frizz”, states Sam.

There’s no evidence that cleaning will make hair grow stronger as well as longer The advantages of cleaning aren’t really related to hair development, that makes sense considering you’re cleaning what’s already dead.

But don’t worry, it’s not completely ineffective either. Sam says it’s terrific for eliminating loosened hairs (that naturally lost as part of the hairs growth cycle) as well as for working away tiny matts before they develop into larger knots that are challenging to eliminate and can result in damage.

“Using a natural bristle brush also assists to work the all-natural oils through the hair and also maintain it healthy.”

Attempt eliminating knots without cleaning

Prior to you consider brushing, why not try eliminating and protecting against knots via other (more hair-friendly) indicates.

Sam claims: “Treating the hair with a regular moisturising mask or therapy, will help to keep hair follicles smooth and laying level, which will quit them from getting as well as obtaining tangled.”

And also if that does not function, generate a comb

We’re commonly informed not to comb our hair when it’s wet because this is when hair goes to it’s weakest and susceptible to damage. Let’s get real, it’s SO much easier to get rid of knots when your hair is soaked and covered in conditioner.

For this, Sam claims it’s A-OK, however to make use of a wide tooth comb as opposed to a brush to make sure that it moves with and also gets rid of tangles without damage.

When it’s essential to brush completely dry hair, he advises making use of a Mason Pearson brush (₤ 79.50) with all-natural bristles as well as if you don’t have one of those, just make sure to avoid nylon bristles.

Ideal knot removal technique

It may seem counter-intuitive, yet the most effective method to get rid of knots is to always start at the end of the hair as well as work your means approximately the scalp.

If you start from the top, you’ll damage the knot, and also therefore break your hair rather than functioning it loosened.

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