Everybody on TikTok is using milk to brighten their skin, so does it function?

Yes, I know what you’re believing, “begin now TikTok,” but bear with us, because you’re skin is going to thanks … currently, let’s start.

There’s nothing worse than making a freshly-brewed mug of coffee in the morning just to open up the refrigerator and also discover that you’ve lacked milk, or that those last few drops barely alter the colour of your currently jet-black drink.

We’ve located a TikTok trend that is going to guarantee you never fail to remember to select up a container of the great stuff once again, because the video clip sharing application has obtained a thing for milk at the minute, as well as it’s not to feed a long-standing caffeine dependency.

This newest TikTok appeal pattern, one that is already commonly utilized as well as loved by stars in Asia, has really been part of several K-beauty routines for years, but it is only simply currently doing the mainstream rounds and our worn out, heatwave damaged skin could not be extra thankful for it.

And also best of all? It’s all pretty easy and cheaper than your ordinary moisturiser.

As the video clip from customer @azian_beauti19 demonstrates below, you simply warm up a bowl of milk in the microwave for 15 secs, soak a cotton pad in the lukewarm fluid and your face. Leave it on for 10-20 mins and after that, making use of the cotton pad, massage the remaining moisture right into your face. Rinse and apply your normal skin care.

Pretty damn easy, right?

TikTok content This content can also be watched on the site it comes from from.The video has already received thousands of thousands of views, which is barely a surprise, given that it claims that utilizing milk in this way can tone as well as brighten skin as well as also aid to minimize the look of acne scarring within a few weeks when used daily.

“I’ve constantly heard milk was incredible for the skin!!!!,” one fan commented, one more including: “i have child soft skin till this age create my mom made me do this.”

Baby soft skin, you say? Well, that does appear quite attractive.

While an additional customer had their own advice for those crazy about brightening their skin tone: “omg use rice flour and a bit of honey with milk I swear it gets rid of acne Marks soooooo well.”

And this suggestions mirrors the words of an additional video clip, which suggests that including turmeric as well as honey to the milk can assist generate also better, faster outcomes, too.

TikTok material The concern is, does it actually function? We’re not ready to squander our money stockpiling on milk for it not function(hi, we’re in a price of living dilemma)so we turned to elegance specialist and also leading MUA

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