Specialists have shot down the five most preferred misconceptions about epilation

If we compare the scenario with last year, after that advertising and also conversations of hair removal became less. It is feasible that individuals are simply accustomed to epilation as well as regard the disposal of hair (even in position where they were previously mandatory) by the exact same procedure as brushing your teeth.

Yet the more habitual the treatment, the more misconceptions it accumulates. From what warn which lies in wait for users of this or that technique of hair removal, the correspondent of SE acknowledged.

Myth one: the methods of 100% eliminating hair are found.

“Electro-, image- and laser hair removal destroy the hair follicle,” explains Irina Sergeeva, skin doctor at the clinical facility “Zdravitsa”. — With a routine procedure, the number of active hair follicles is substantially lowered and after 6-10 procedures generally bring about a nearly full cessation of hair growth in the area of exposure. ”

It sounds reasonable, yet not every person that passed the full program, attained a “total cessation of growth.” Why do some women have hair that does not vanish? Since the follicle can be ruined just in the state of anagen, or the phase of growth, yet the cycles also in surrounding hair are not synchronous as well as in a certain amount of time all the hair is in various phases of development.

To presume if hair is expanding currently or not, it’s difficult to eyeball, that’s why they conduct the procedures at a period, during which around every one of them will go to the stage of growth. To locate everybody at the best stage as well as destroy is usually, however not constantly.

Furthermore, you need to know what to select and also in what instances from modern growths ought to be discarded: “These techniques are not put on the skin in the field of pigment places,” discusses Irina Sergeeva. — Photoepilation is better for dark hair and also light skin, laser hair removal– for almost all kinds of hair, as the effect on the hair follicle is extra discerning and directed. ”

Misconception 2: after cutting expand thicker as well as thicker hair.

Regardless of the prospects of brand-new approaches, the frustrating bulk still utilizes the proven approach of shaving. Photoepilation is great, however the road is far away, and also the razor sets you back a penny as well as is always at hand. But if shaving was the perfect approach, after that cosmeticians would not be participated in looking for new methods to remove hair.

Those that started to shave light as well as uncommon hair on their legs in adolescence are familiar with a sensation of profound remorse regarding what they did-if those slim ones were nearly invisible, after that now growing thick as well as black, it’s difficult to stand on the skin. Does frequent cutting lead to an adjustment in the high quality and also quantity of hair?

“Increasing the number of hair does not trigger shaving, since the variety of hair follicles is genetically set,” shoots down the misconception of Irina Sergeyeva as well as explains why all of it seems that they have actually become thicker. “Due to the reality that the hair does not collapse, yet cuts over the surface area of the skin, after shaving proceeds the development of a thick spinous hair, and also not slim, as after epilation, come with by the destruction of the hair shaft.”

Myth 3: removing hair with wax and also electro-epilator results in varicose veins.

Hair elimination with the aid of vegetable sticky viscous materials– wax, sugar, honey– is just one of the earliest and tried and tested approaches, in appeal 2nd only to shaving. From its ands also– a lengthy impact, thinning hair. Of the minuses– discomfort, the accessibility of abilities, typically– high expense. Well, medical warnings, obviously. Among one of the most widely known contraindications, indicated in the instructions for using mechanical techniques of hair elimination, is varicose veins.

Not just wax, but also electro-epilators are provided with plainly suggested prohibition. His physicians do not verify the evidence:

“At the moment there are no international worldwide research studies would unequivocally disprove refute effect verify certainly impact epilation on the occurrence or progression development varicose veinsBlood vessels ” says phlebologist of the Center facility New Medical Technologies Ksenia Sevostyanova. — Therefore, there are no suggestions on this problem either. To day, the signs and symptoms of varicose capillaries are not formally a contraindication to making use of hair elimination, both wax and also equipment. ” It turns out, that by itself removal of hair does not influence a condition of veins. On top of that, the instructions do not state what phase of the disease is involved– and also actually, you see, protruding the swollen blood vessel is not likely anybody will certainly come to mind epilate wax.

Myth Four: Brazilian hair elimination adversely impacts women’s wellness.

It’s obvious that several, also those that themselves pull hair from the origins, are worried about the interference in nature. If the hair is produced and also exist, is it not hazardous to eliminate them? As for the Brazilian hair removal, which is particularly debatable, after that, according to the observations of the gynecologist of the clinical center “Zdravitsa” Alla Teplitskaya, hair removal in the swimsuit zone, also complete, does not influence the problem of the mucosa, and also from the point of sexual health and wellness, hair removal is secure.

” Total hair elimination does not impact the body, because the hair does not perform vital physical features,” her dermatologist Irina Sergeeva makes sure.– For example, people with overall alopecia (loss of hair on the scalp, face and also other components of the body) do not face special problems, other than feelings of a cosmetic issue.” The truth that irreversible exfoliation provokes ingrowth of hair,

Myth Five: Depilatory cream lotion the safest way means get obtain of hair.

After the initial application of the cream, the hair diminishes so softly and also lightly that there is a feeling that the simplest as well as most enjoyable method is finally found. The a lot more typically you use this lotion, the extra sharply you really feel a harmful smell, as well as, fairly probably, you clash with problems occurring from application.

“Chemical epilation, in particular, creams, are not well endured by delicate skin, furthermore, there is a threat of creating allergic reactions, ” describes Irina Sergeyeva, a skin specialist. “Contact irritation as well as the development of extended reddening of the skin at the website of frequent treatments are possible.”

If to summarize, then there is no suitable method to get rid of nature’s enforced hair. Too, it occurs with everything that tries to hinder the all-natural program of points. Picking the techniques of epilation, be guided by your own feelings, the high quality of the skin and hair, the purse and the availability of cost-free time. And do not listen to any individual’s specific declarations.

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