Famous Russian clothes brand stands for a new collection

The Russian business Pelican has actually been operating in the fashion market for the 7th year. The suggestion of the brand is an essential denial of gray and also dull colors, uncompromising illumination, offering a warm state of mind for the whole day.

This is fashionable clothes for ladies with different preferences and also design choices. Along with women’s, Pelican additionally generates clothing for children as well as men. In Novosibirsk, the brand name is stood for in the network of Pelican brand name shops.

Pelican operates in fast-fashion format, meticulously examining all the world fads in vogue, picking from them the most encouraging and also adjusting them to the peculiarities of the Russian market. To put it simply, it makes fashion economical, offering customers clothing at cost effective costs. The outcome of this work is 4 collections of clothes annually. At the same time, prints do not repeat, and also collections keep their main top quality– illumination.

In fact, illumination is the initial and most substantial feature distinguishing all designs of clothes from Pelican. In this sense, the brand name is actually not for everyone: the fireworks of Pelican paints are made for psychological positive people who do not intend to hide their character behind the uninteresting clothing of low-key shades.

The 2nd function of Pelican is making use of all-natural products. In production just cotton fabrics are used. At the exact same time, Pelican is annually examined and also accredited by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 of the International Association for Research and also Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Switzerland), verifying the highest quality of the materials made use of.

Pelican primarily “does not tease” with the dimensional ruler and does not transform the document of the dimensions, readjusting all the designs solely to the prominent among the designers of the “slim” type of the refined women. S in Pelican is constantly 42-44 Russian size, and when buying a point, for instance, the size of M, you can always be certain that this is truly M, not S or XL. The majority of designs are presented in the most popular sizes– from XS to XL.

If to speak even more specifically, the collection of Fashion from Pelican– these are three thematic areas for consumers who enjoy a feminine romantic style, an eclectic ethnic or laid-back with components of sport stylistics. The collection is designed as if the consumers could easily pick up a collection of “top + lower” and did not experience the problem “What should I put on with this blouse?”.

Now in the stores of the Pelican network the springtime collection is presented. Fans of charming womanly design will surely such as the set– the initial cut tunic with a neck, a lively neckline as well as sleeves in the web and tights “3 quarters” with a initial but discreet surface along the side. Such a collection will certainly cost 1390 rubles.

It deserves focusing on the womanly skirt-balloon with a slim band-braid, tied in a number of rows. With such a skirt, the T-shirt with an intricate flower accessory and monophonic contrast-red sleeves, creating the effect of placing it over the bolero, will certainly look unified. The skirt sets you back 990 rubles., T-shirt– 630 rubles. Another great little thing is a stylish mint shade top with the result of multilayeredness: from under the bodice appears like an additional shirt– with an initial accessory. The top is well matched with chocolate or black breeches with a laconic floral print on the pockets. Their price is 1190 rubles., The top will set you back 660 rubles.

Energetic as well as vibrant girls will definitely see a tee shirt with a rainbow zebra. In addition to drawing in the attention of the print in it there are also fascinating aspects of decoration: lateral darts and sleeves from the web. The rate of a T-shirt is 590 rubles. And also along with it you can acquire lovely shorts of white or black color (690 rubles).

Followers of yoga will certainly be happy with the T-shirt with the print Relax, which actually urges you to unwind as well as sidetrack from day-to-day problems. Well, in order to totally personnel for training in the fitness center– sporting activities cut trousers with brilliant red stripes. Tee shirts will set you back 590 rubles, pants– at 1190 rubles.

Lovers of ethnic design will certainly likewise discover something fascinating for themselves. An outfit in the style of safari with a print that imitates the giraffe’s skin, as well as flamboyant orange pockets– 1290 rubles. Or an uncommon model of jersey with an elephant print on the history of ethnic ornaments, a big hood and also multilayer result (810 rubles).

Pelican is not only outerwear. An unique satisfaction of the company as well as the love of routine clients is a collection of garments for rest and also remainder. Here everybody will find something on their own: pajamas and homemade outfits with delicate flowers for romantic ladies. Narochito infantile with heroes-cartoons or comic engravings– for self-ironic and also mischievous. Brilliant, like fruit fresh, sets, appropriate, nevertheless, much more for an enjoyable pajama celebration than for a measured residence rest. The price of jammies, depending upon the design– from 500 to 1100 rubles.

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