Style things: evening wear

Solemn dresses in this period remind the night sky– on a dense black background the shine of celebrities sparkles. Of the uniqueness– for the evening you can easily offer a pointless airy summertime gown.

These are the current fads. Gowns, similar to the combinations that our mommies put on outfits, are still as popular. Shades– from black to grey, can refrain from doing without red, do not ignore the emerald green.

Wonderful evening!

Dress with a belt in the design of the 50’s, Sunie Li, 1690 rub.
Silk gown, behind the bow, SoFrench, 2590 rub.

Little black dress from Penelope Cruz, Mango, 3139 rub.
Dress with paillettes in the style of “jazz”, Sinequanone, 3100 rub.

“Star”dress without straps, Sinequanone, 3400 rub.
Deep neckline needs a string of pearls, Mango, 2619 rub.

Gray with a metallic gloss dress, SoFrench, 3990 rub.
A fascinating information is a belt with a bud, SoFrench, 3990 rub.

Dress-shirt with a deep V-neck, SoFrench, 2690 rub.
Frivolous silk outfit, SoFrench, 2190 rub.

In this scarlet silk you can drown, SoFrench, 3990 rub

. Emerald dress-buff, SoFrench, 3290 rub.
Laconic silk outfit, bugles, ribbons, Sinequanone, 3850 rub.

Courteous dress made of deluxe, Sinequanone, 2850 rub.
Classic eveningwear, drape, open back, Mango, 2619 rub.

Lace, chiffon, on a cream cover, Mango, 2619 rub.
Lacy dress-combination, Mango, 2619 rub.

Steel luster and also accessory of a glass bead, Sunie Li, 1690 rub.
Variations on the motif of the 30s, E2O, 1690 rubles.

A stringent dress prepares a shock– a sexy neckline on the back, E2O,
1690 rub.

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