Fashion points: jumper, cardigans and also sweaters

In front of one of the most undesirable from the point of view of comfort time– dank November, blizzard December, frosty January. In cold weather, you intend to cover on your own in a covering and not leave your home.

It is needed to go out as well as at the same time it is difficult to cover yourself up— it’s great to look well in the winter. Winter season wardrobe simply need a few cozy points, preferably various shades, styles and various materials.

The basic fashion fads need to be taken into consideration: muted as well as gray tones, or, however, bright tidy tones of red, yellow as well as blue-green. Material– a combination of woollen, angora, cashmere with shape-preserving acrylic.

Big breeding is an absolute hit, feminineness is a pleasant responsibility. SHE provides a catalog of sweatshirts, coats, coats and cardigans that can be purchased in stores in Novosibirsk.

Cardigan– 1199 rubles., Promod
Sweater– 939 rubles.,

Sweater– 530 rubles., Oggi Sweater– 920 rubles., Oggi Sweater– 1999 rub., Mango Sweater– 1569 rubles., Mango No sleeve– 1610 rubles., Benetton
Jacket– 3605 rubles.,

Cardigan– 1999 rubles., Promod Cardigan– 1299 rubles., Promod Cardigan– 1150 rubles., Oggi
Cardigan– 1999 rubles.,

Mango Cardigan– 1999 rubles., Mango Jacket– 1150 rubles., Oggi Cardigan– 1375 rubles., Oggi
Poncho– 2030 rubles.,

Jacket– 2415 rubles., Benetton Cardigan– 1199 rubles., Mango Sweater– 2065 rubles., Benetton
Cardigan– 2030 rubles.,

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