Fashion things: we hide in the hole

Get a hair layer– a basic occasion in the life of a Russian lady. The first fur coat– as the initial other half: let not the most successful variant, but own. Particularly when around all the good friends are currently in the burrow, without an individual “cross” or “blackjack” can refrain.

Recently, the “environment-friendly” have ended up being quiet– fur this winter months is much more preferred than the last, as well as nobody resists it. One of the most important fur is, of course, a mink.

Various, in many cases, as well as the mink is dissimilar, in mix with the skins of other animals, all feasible length and also cut. SHE stands for mink coats from the shops of our city.

Shale collar of lynx– promptly luxurious, 220 000 rubles. Skin art

Short hairstyle “cashmere”, shade camel, hem unfastened, 240 000 rub.

Very gentle coat constructed from white mink with trot, 139 990 rub. The Snow Queen

Elegant jacket with a trot, 150 000 rub.

Extravagant coat with a karakul and also fox, 174 990 rubles. The Snow Queen

The layer of the web page is a cuff of tweezed mink, 90 800 rub.

Short layer with a glamorous sable collar, 144 500 rub. Liloti

Leopard, fox– hot predatory colors, 109 990 rub.

Blackleg, a mink layer with an English collar, 95 000 rubles. Liloti

Soft hair, flowing along the entire length of the number, a coat with a belt, 154,990 rubles.

Color pearl, hood and skirt of lynx, 225 000 rub. Skin art

Holographic shade “iceberg”, sable, cut “boyarynya”, 274 000 rub.

Overflowing warm shade, hood, 65 000 rub. Wikdan

Shirt of the Snow Maiden, light, almost transparent, 82 000 rub.

Another option for a winter fairy tale is a short layer of ice color, 152 000 rubles. Skin art

Laser processing of hair, collar stand, flared back, 57 000 rub.

Traditional brief fur layer, walnut shade, 77 990 rub. The Snow Queen

Fur coat with insets of karakulchi, 86 000 rub.

Black layer with hood as well as lacquered belt, metropolitan design, 224,990 rub.The Snow Queen
An interested information– belts from a reptile, 126 500 rubles.


Coat in the design of the

40-ies, feminine and not also elegant, 116 900 rubles. Liloti Classic coat of color”walnut”, 214,990 rub. The Snow Queen Black trapeze with a hood– a precious and also acquainted design, 83 990 rub.

The Snow Queen Coquettish coat with a sleeve three quarters, 149,990 rub. The Snow Queen Gray-brown cross-hair, semi-long coat, 116 500 rub. Liloti
Retro design with sable, 189 990 rub. The

Snow Queen Laser roses, lynx hair, 189 990 rub. The Snow Queen
Impressionism of color, fur of a polar fox, 82 500 rub.

Coat for the snow queen, 129 990 rub. The Snow Queen
Luxurious fox collar, behind the paw, 91 500 rub.

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