Fashionable hairstyles: forget highlights!

The fashion came to be womanly and also natural. This, in general, every little thing is claimed, but to think about all the subtleties of contemporary fashion for hairstyles, still worth it.

Any loanings from the 40’s, 60’s, 80’s (as well as or else our style does not create in our postmodern age) do not accurately replicate pictures from the past, but create strong knots from retro and also ethno, taking into account the existing political atmosphere as well as pop- stars.

The correspondent of SE went deep right into information, having actually been among the instance at a master course of leading Petersburg stylists and a show of hairdressing art kept in mid-April in Novosibirsk.

We turn the waves

The most prominent theme of the season– swirls, as well as waves, swirls– that is all that curls and offers gentleness, femininity and also naturalness to the picture. Consequently, incidentally, very greased gel curls that look synthetically and also somewhat aggressive, do not apply to stylish trends.

Curls, for lack of their own, are wound with curling irons or forceps, and then combed (which has actually not been provided for two years currently) as well as also combs, as displayed in the master class, with hands to obtain the result of a big quantity, yet at the very same time– convenience. By the way, chemical perm, which is already commonly viewed by lots of as a poor joke, according to Sergei Danishevsky (St. Petersburg), an art movie critic, the outright champion of Eastern Europe in hairdressing art, is quickly waiting for a brand-new birth:

” Alternatives to chemical wave have not yet been designed. And they are unlikely to design anything new, just now there are drugs on which it can be made much more saving. ”

Smooth waves, stocked the design of the diva of white as well as black movie theater, are particularly typically mentioned organizations with Veronica Lake, look very good even in daily hairstyles. By the way, the curly hair curls did not bypass either– curly locks at the forehead and at the temples (like the beauties of Pushkin’s times) develop a mild, romantic and also stylish picture.

The bangs– one of the trends of the period, should be thick, heavy, cut or extremely short, or very reduced– listed below the brows.

Huge heads

As for the quantity already pointed out, yes, today the “big heads” are relevant: “We left a small head last year, currently also brief, not to mention amazing as well as long hair, is provided quantity as well as elegance, while trying to prevent hefty weight,– states Sergey Danishevsky. Undoubtedly, the masters created by the masters were balancing in between hyperstyle and craziness, certainly, without surpassing the initial– after that they were done by masters. Nonetheless, females of style that determined to produce an actual picture of their very own efforts, one have to be much more mindful– the well-known “surge at a pasta factory” can happen any time..

Everlasting values

This year, in the forefront, typical haircuts, which never ever leave style, are always in demand among admirers, as they most likely to many, yet they regularly become major hits. We are discussing such hairstyles as “bean”, geometric “Sassoon”, created on the objectives of the old “web page” by the fabulous Vidal Sassoon, “ganson”, designed by the joker Jacques Desessange, square with a straight edge.

” Do you want to be at the height of fashion– cut as Mireille Mathieu in his young people,” encourages Sergei Danishevsky.

These hairstyles are simple in designing, truly fashionable and also, although that they are naughty and also silly, are womanly and also give the image of the bearer a fragility and defenseless.

Fashion palette

Let us duplicate that there is a simplicity in fashion. This indicates that the red shade of hair has actually decreased in background in addition to the multicolored on the head:

” Forget regarding melirovanie, and most importantly– tinting! Now on the head you require to have one, an optimum of two comparable tones..

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