Fashionable things: it will be hot!

They say that it is possible to cause rain with shamanic dances with a tambourine. And that the rain and the cold stopped, and the summer began – you need to urgently buy a stunning swimsuit. If such a witchcraft rite does not exist – it is worthwhile to think and check.

 By the way, the trend of beach fashion this summer refers to the continent, where they dance with a tambourine. In vogue wildness – prints under a zebra and python or huge exotic flowers. African passions compete with the main theme of the summer – fleet: stripes and anchors.

On the catwalks, smartly offered bando lace – wide strips without strapless, but inexpensive brands prefer to reproduce this style, not forgetting the support from above. However, the variety of styles allows you to find an option for every taste and shape.

 And, remember, if your swimsuit is covered with chaste, than your neighbor on the chaise longue,

Turkish sweets. Juicy green and oriental motifs in the drawing. 1969 rubles. , Incanto

Classic. Studying the history of bikinis, you wonder how little the great invention has changed since its birth in 1946. 2069 rubles. , Incanto

Tahiti. Model without rigid parts, painted in all colors of eternal summer. 995 + 1995 rub. , Calzedonia

Venus. Beaded swimsuit for a spectacular appearance of marine foam. 4300 rub. , Mon Secret

Bond Girl. Shining white swimsuit is associated with a beautiful and carefree life and emphasizes tan. 995 + 995 rub. , Calzedonia

Perfection. Among the revelry of design thought, it’s not so easy to find a simple monochrome swimsuit without hard cups and ornaments. 1999 rub. , Mango

Malibu safeguards. Red piecework swimsuit – a cult thing. The flounces visually increase the chest. 2550 rub. , Mon Secret

Pop Art. A classic bikini is distinguished by a stylish combination of bright prints. 1495 + 595 rubles. , Calzedonia

Striped flight. Actual modest style and black and white drawing. There are large sizes. 1350 rub. , Femina

Turquoise. The most relevant summer style in the most relevant color solution. 1495 + 895 rub. , Calzedonia

The provocateur. Nowadays shocking pink wears are not anecdotal blondes, but bold non-conformists. 1490 rub. , Marmalato

A little black. A win-win thing is a black monokini swimsuit. 1999 rub. , Mango

To me in the sky! Swimsuit sports cut in a cheerful colorful strip. 1200 rubles. , Femina

Neon. A set of bright colors – a way to stand out from the group in striped swimsuits. 1649 rubles. , Mango

Savannah. A complex cut bra with a hint of retro, “animal” print – all the fashion trends are there. 1495 + 995 rub. , Calzedonia

In a drop of “Chanel”? Swimsuit made of cloth “under wet skin” with a tiny bodice decorated with a shell. 1619 rub. , Incanto

Pin up. Among other fashionable sea swimsuits, it is distinguished by ridiculous red buttons. 1550 rub. , Marmalato

Cruise. A more rigorous and stylish variation on the actual fleet theme. 2600 rub. , Mon Secret

Africa. Bright prints on a chocolate background, a little patches. 1190 rub. , Marmalato

Mojito. Minimum of fabric and cool “mint” colors. 1359 rubles. , Benetton

Circus. A colorful and cheerful swimsuit for acrobatics in the waves. 1495 rubles. , Mango

Daisies. Touching girlish retro swimsuit. 1359 rubles. , Benetton

Caramel. A chip of another striped swimsuit – curly, like shavings, ties. 1399 rub. , Benetton

Summer at the dacha. A simple swimsuit of juicy and berry color is remembered thanks to the knitted top. 2399 rubles. , Benetton

Champion. Swimsuit, effectively emphasizing the forms of the winner of the swim for a short distance. 1699 rubles. , Benetton

Marshmallow. A touching bathing variant for an air blonde. 1190 rub. , Marmalato

The Huntress. “Animal” print, a serious support for the chest. There are large sizes. 1380 rub. , Femina

Modern. Another reference to the fashionable achievements of the past is a conservative bodice, a stylish black and white print. 2250 rub. , Mon Secret

Barbarella. The combination of cold gray and bright orange alludes to futuristic motifs, which can be emphasized by a metalized cloth bag or sandals. 2229 rubles. , Incanto

Paparazzi. The people around will have a good reason to look at you for a long time. 1360 rubles. , Femina

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