Find Your Family’s Newest Favourite Products at Sampler

Free product samples are sort of like the grownup version of a kids’ birthday party goodie bag… colourful little treats – probably wrapped in cellophane – that you get to keep but didn’t have to earn!

Unfortunately, because product samples are usually given out very randomly (at the grocery store, in your mailbox), they only occasionally turn out to be products that you are interested in trying and that would suit your lifestyle. If only someone would give out products that you really want to use, right? Well, now someone is. Welcome to Sampler.

Sampler is all about letting you try out products that you and your family could really use. Fill out the online profile, get matched with a selection of products that might work for you and then pick the ones you want to try.

Then just sit back and wait for your samples to show up at your door. And the best part? These samples are not the itty bitty cello-wrapped minuscule portions you’re used to receiving; they’re usually full-sized packages! That gives you the chance to really try them and decide if you’d want to purchase the products in the future.

Sampler already works with over 200 brands and continues to add more so sign up and get ready to qualify for free samples. You just might find a new favourite!

Sign up for your free Sampler box here. If you’ve signed up before, log in to your account and update your profile to continue to receive fun samples in the mail!

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