Flap your eyelashes as well as take off

Eyelashes and eyebrows carry out the most important feature– they safeguard the eyes from access of international particles, sweat from the temple as well as stop the retinal melt with bright sunlight.

Yet regarding this, truthfully, extremely few people think. A lot more interest is triggered by an additional feature of eyelashes– ornamental. I want to have rich, long, black eyelashes. Even to those who have them. Mascara for eyelashes– a beneficial thing, however she already does not stun anyone.Girls are progressively curious about principal actions, such as accumulation. She additionally did not withstand.

Eyelash expansions can be of 2 kinds. Challenging gluing along one cilia along the whole development line— the procedure lasts regarding two hrs, it sets you back at the very least 2 thousand and also lasts concerning a month. One more kind is the build-up of light beams: one beam prices 40-50 rubles, the effect continues for a week and a fifty percent, the procedure does not last long. I decided to try the second option as an experiment.

Eyelash extensions are made in almost all beauty parlor of the city. I chose “Seville”, bearing in mind that I became aware of her great evaluations. Has actually come. Disintegrated. The shreds. That is, the eyelashes would certainly be spread from the box, if it were except the demand not to breathe on them and also the cautiousness of the cosmetologist, that initially suggested to me to do a challenging two-hour procedure. I still decided on a streamlined version.

To generate eyelash bundles, an artificial product is made use of, for the label– an unique glue, the so-called material, the bundles are divided right into 3 teams along the size– short, lengthy and medium.

Flap your eyelashes and take off

Short eyelashes are suitable for those who intend to make their own eyelashes thicker, without changing the size, lengthy ones– those that intend to appear like a doll, and the middle ones– to everybody else.

By the way, currently pasted eyelashes can be reduced at the discernment of the client. To conduct an examination for the allergic reaction cosmetician did not, due to the fact that, according to her observations, an adverse response to “tar” does not take place. The procedure for accumulating is that precise tufts of artificial eyelashes are connected to the base of these eyelashes. It is essential to adhesive not on the skin, but on the eyelashes themselves– just the same on the skin, the possibility of an allergic reaction, and also merely irritability, is great. At the demand of the client, eyelashes can be glued just at the external side, extending the laceration of the eyes, and also can be along the entire length. On average, 3-4 beam of lights per eye are made use of, as I was informed by the managers when I was taping by phone.

For the typical “work” of the adhesive, get rid of the cosmetics from the eyelashes in advance, and with low-fat means, or else you will require to degrease the eyelashes. That the upper cilia do not stick during the procedure to the lower ones (during the build-up it is required to close the eyes), the cosmetologist disconnects them with tweezers, some use special wipes or pads.

Treatment is brief– relying on the variety of light beams can last from 10 to 20 minutes.

I sat in the chair for fifteen, special sensations all this time around without experiencing. When I attempted to open my eyes at the end of the action, it was difficult for me to raise eyelids with added weight for the initial couple of seconds was uncommon.

Opinions about the naturalness of the eyelashes were split according to the sex of those to whom I revealed them: the males made a decision that the eyelashes look quite all-natural, just a little disheveled, the females categorically refused to identify them real, referring to a clearly “pathological” size and abnormal regional crowding.

The hr of projection has actually come– it ended up that 12 beam of lights were pasted to me. The amount that was required from me was 480 rubles. It was guaranteed that the eyelashes would certainly last for a week.

The very first package fell off the next day, although contraindications– do not scrub eyes, do not make use of oily eye lotions and cosmetics remover, do not sleep face to cushion– I strictly observed.

After the very first loss, the eyes started to look unbalanced. I wished to tear off the beam from the other eye. The beauty consultant purely prohibited getting rid of the eyelashes, otherwise I take the chance of pulling them out with my very own. I was amazed: “Why should I desire to take them off?” The next morning I understood– I want to. Because the sensation that something is standing out on your eyes is just dreadful, and also it does not make up for the opportunity to conserve time on eyelash make-up. Within a couple of days, all the eyelashes pasted, other than those adorned with exterior corners, fell out. The most persistent and also most eye-catching, they fell off during the morning makeup precisely one week after gluing.

Those who are ready to experience for appeal, it is essential to remember: if you make a decision to build up eyelashes, meticulously think through the photo– even if it from another location looks like the design of the 60’s, then a specific “fake” will be ideal, however if you dress in style laid-back puppet “pop-up” will certainly be clearly superfluous.

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