Founder Interview with Delta CEO, Nicolas Van Hoorde

Nicolas Van HoordeThe Delta app was first launched in 2017 prior to the cryptocurrency boom of that same year. After exploring various investment avenues, Nicolas Van Hoorde, the co-founder and CEO of Delta, discovered the exciting potential of cryptocurrency.

However, as the majority of these digital assets are decentralised, those who wanted to trade and invest in cryptocurrency would need to use several different exchanges in order to build a diverse portfolio.

This creates a problem for keeping an accurate and up to date record of where your finances are placed and how each of these individual investments are performing as a whole.

One solution lay in the creation of Delta. “A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application, which allows you to get an overview of all of your investments”.

The company has grown during the last three years, adding new features and functionality to become one of the most popular tools in the crypto sphere.

Why is it important to keep track of cryptocurrency investment?

Any serious investor would need to know how their assets are performing. Trusting entirely to chance without actively monitoring your portfolio will make it likely for an individual to lose money, both in the short and long term.

“I’m not saying that you should check it every hour, but you should at least be aware of how your investment is going”, Nicolas Van Hoorde said. “Depending on your willingness to trade on the ups and downs of the crypto market and in specific cryptocurrencies, it is important to be knowledgeable”.

Having a smart algorithm running behind the notification system is one of the key things that sets Delta app apart from other products of this kind. This highly effective technology enables the Delta app to identify the price movements of particular cryptocurrencies, and determine their significance based on market capitalisation.

Van Hoorde elaborated on this point further stating that, “Those lower-cap coins have big jumps, but a 5% movement of those small market cap coins is less significant, for instance, than a 3% movement of Bitcoin”.

This sophisticated software was developed so that the user doesn’t even need to open the application to stay informed. A message will be sent to the notification screen catered to the investor’s unique portfolio and watchlist, allowing them the opportunity to act quickly on the information given.

“If you look at more traditional markets and all the tools that are available there, they’re often linked to professionals. It’s a huge cost to get insights into your investments. Whereas for crypto, it’s much closer to the retail investor”.

For this reason, Delta have created some truly ground-breaking tools that are catered towards everyday people looking to build their portfolio, not only in crypto, but also in different asset classes as the company looks to expand over the coming months.

The events of 2020 have caused more people to look to crypto investment

There have been several events that have influenced the markets this year, and none more so than the global pandemic, COVID-19. As more people became bound to their homes, investment would provide a means for an alternative income, or a way to safeguard and grow what was already saved in the bank.

Nicolas Van Hoorde offered his thoughts to those who are new to the world of investment, “Always invest an amount you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market but compared to the craziness that is going on right now on the stock market, crypto is actually behaving quite stable”.

Building a balanced portfolio will also spread the risk that is inherent with investment and almost certainly help to cushion any fall while allowing you to enjoy your share of asset growth and rallies.

“You need to inform yourself in terms of what you think your investment might lead to”, Van Hoorde continued, “and you have to align that knowledge with your goals”.

This is a wise approach, whether you are looking for short-term gains or have a more long-term strategy in mind. The key is to have a clear vision and gather as much information as possible.

“For people who are joining in 2020, I would say that it is a difficult year to predict. If you were to ask me how I expected things to go back in March, I would not have envisaged how things are going right now”.

It is precisely for this reason that the CEO and co-founder of Delta believes that it is important to stay on top of things as much as you can. “Just stay on top of things, that is crucial, and don’t act too emotionally with investment. Try to stay rational, try to stay cool, and be sure you make decisions that fit your overall strategy”.

It is also important to consider exactly why you are investing in the first place. Van Hoorde continued to say, “When I say short-term, I don’t mean making a quick buck”.

An effective strategy should consider factors such as your living situation, whether you want to buy a home or get married in the next few years, how you want to expand your options, and what you hope to achieve in the future. Van Hoorde went on to say that “these types of life situations are very crucial to consider before you enter the market”.

From this perspective, you can have both short and long-term strategies that complement each other and will serve you much better.

eToro and the Delta app

In November 2019, the world’s largest social investment network eToro acquired Delta to further improve its services. Having already integrated thousands of cryptocurrencies into the application, Delta now looks to expand its range to include all types of financial assets.

“The acquisition has been hugely beneficial. Before the end of 2018 we knew that we needed a strong strategic partner to help get us to the next level”, Van Hoorde said, “eToro is aleady a household name, and will undoubtedly elevate Delta to achieve the same leading reputation in the fintech industry”.

Delta app now has plans to diversify and offer more than just cryptocurrency. “We want to be the first tool for retail investors to give a clear overview of all their investments, including crypto, stocks, bonds, and forex currencies. We believe that there is huge value in that. Those tools have been hidden away from smaller investors too much in the past by banks and large corporations”.

Van Hoorde went on to say that “eToro basically allows us to synergize with them because they are already in that space”. The leading brand, eToro, already offer stocks, commodities, and crypto among others, “and so, Delta clicks right in”.


The year 2020 has seen a lot more people begin to explore investment. One of the markets available is cryptocurrency. Even for those who begin their journey through more traditional options, the vast number of crypto coins and tokens presents a very enticing prospect.

Most are built on their own unique blockchain project, and the innovative solutions that they bring is just another factor that builds enthusiasm and intrigue.

There has been a huge amount of increased interest in DeFi (Decentralised Finance) this year, which is “already resonating within the cryptocurrency community”.

“I remember back in 2018”, Van Hoorde said, “one of the last events that I did was all about DeFi. The use was so minimal, but in the last few months it has increased, and tokens like Maker have been quite crucial in that process”.

The continued evolution of the crypto sphere not only excites those who are already invested in these digital assets, but has new people finding their way into this technology driven financial market.

Nicolas Van Hoorde spoke on this as a “domino effect, where we will see a huge influx to traditional markets, which will then be experienced for crypto later in the year” as well.

The Delta app is free to download on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

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