Freewallet CEO talks Elon Musk spat and user demographics

Because its starting in 2016, Freewallet has gained a solid footing in the crypto market and also is regarded as one of the leading crypto wallets for mobile and internet systems.

The provision for numerous standalone purses and also the assistance for 100+ cryptocurrencies with cross-platform performances make Freewallet the most looked for after in the market.

Solomon Brown sat down with Coinjournal to talk about the future direction of Freewallet, Elon Musk as well as where prices can head to next

In a situation when the crypto-market is at an all-time high, with interesting growths in the industry, it is the best time to acquire some genuine insights into the crypto-market trends from the Head of PR of Freewallet- Solomon Brown.

The meeting is devoted to the existing growths of the Freewallet group and also the road in advance in the very competitive market. As Freewallet’s magnate, Solomon gives his take on the recent technological fads in the crypto-market and the challenges impending in an uncertain duration of the pandemic. Right here is what he had to state.

… The year that was 2020

As one of the leading crypto applications can you tell us a little bit regarding how you have adjusted to all that’s been happening in the world with the pandemic and also the uncertainties surrounding it?

This has been a distinct as well as challenging time for individuals around the globe, and we do not want to downplay that at all. Promoting us as a business, we have actually been lucky in that our company structure made adjusting to life in the pandemic much less troublesome than it has been for others. Before the pandemic we already had our workers functioning remotely and built our process flexibly around that. When the pandemic hit we were able to bring on working in an essentially typical way.

Externally, we have likewise been lucky because the cryptocurrency sector has grown in this dark period. Increasingly more individuals have actually been attracted to the financial flexibility that is used by cryptocurrency. From the get go, our objective was to be a very easy entrance point to the world of cryptocurrency, where convenience and also ease were met usefulness. That hasn’t transformed, now there are absolutely many more individuals looking for items like that. Throughout the past year, we have proceeded our drive to recognize that objective as well as have actually introduced functions that make our individuals’ lives much easier.

In a recent tweet by Freewallet, it was introduced that iPhone customers can make use the acquisition of 40 special cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay and also a brand-new repayment attribute of the “Buy with card” alternative. It is an amazing time for Freewallet as they have various innovations. For that reason, the next inquiry is apt for their recurring advancements.

What are a few of the new functions you guys have released just recently? Exist some in the pipe that you are currently working on?

Something that we feel is a genuine game-changer is our Fast Exchange feature. With LFEs, Freewallet offers customers a few of the fastest exchange rates on the market. Freewallet customers can now trade crypto within their purses in under a minute. The ordinary time for a fast exchange has to do with 30 seconds. In the unstable world of cryptocurrency, speed is whatever.

Furthermore, we have presented a gift card attribute that is the outcome of collaborations with over a hundred various brand names. We visualize Freewallet as a one-stop-shop where customers can enjoy all the benefits from the crypto world as well as perform all the vital actions they would wish to. With gift cards to several of the most popular brands on the planet, the use-case capacity for cryptocurrencies boosts tremendously. And also customers can do this promptly without having to go from one app to one more and another, and so forth.

We are always aiming to do more as well as present brand-new elements to our platform. One focus we currently have is introducing a lot more fiat assistance. We have a customer base that covers the world, so the extra fiat money we can deal with, the better offered our user base will be. Our present card program is still growing, so customers can anticipate even extra big-name partners in the future.

The amount of assets does Freewallet currently support? Exist prepares to add more?

Our system currently sustains the purchase of over 40 cryptocurrencies by methods of over 35 fiat currencies. In this sector, it really feels like there is a new project mixing up buzz nearly every day.

Among our most recent partnerships is with Moonpay, an international fintech company concentrating on assisting in fiat-to-crypto purchases. This partnership has allowed us to raise both the variety of fiat money that our individuals can buy crypto with and the number of cryptocurrencies they can get. We want to provide our customers as several options as feasible, so now when they most likely to acquire a cryptocurrency that can carry out that deal on our platform using Simplex or Moonpay, as well as establish which of the two is most beneficial to them.

The last thing we desire to do is put our users in an at risk circumstance. In the lengthy run, this has actually allowed us to provide an unrivaled level of protection for our customers and also that is something we are going to preserve relocating ahead.

Freewallet’s individual base

What would certainly you say is your main individual market? Beginners? Or a lot more skilled financiers?

We are no much longer a brand name brand-new business. Several of the customers that began out with us years ago have remained dedicated and grown with us.

As I said above, when we started we were focused on lowering the entry threshold for people that were new to this room. We have actually always thought that cryptocurrency is something that uses one-of-a-kind advantages to everyone, no matter that they are and also where they originate from. By emphasizing ease, simpleness and security we had a tendency to work with a lot of people that were simply making their very first strides in crypto.

For many years that has actually changed a bit. We still get a lot of beginners, particularly with the increase of new crypto users that has taken place during the pandemic, yet a lot of our individuals have actually expanded as well as our system has actually expanded with them. What we offer now is akin to a crypto Swiss army knife; whatever your requirements are, we got something for you that will certainly make it occur.

We would be remiss not to ask about the Elon Musk scenario that happened recently. Did whatever work out there? Is he still a Freewallet individual?

That was certainly amongst one of the most interesting things to take place to our firm. We needed to jointly squeeze ourselves while it was taking place, that of the richest and most effective entrepreneurs worldwide was utilizing our platform. As well as it still is a bit unsubstantiated, to be truthful.

Yet of course, after a shaky begin, we got together with Elon and also worked whatever out. I need to claim we have an impressive assistance group that functions night and day and they were all MVPs. Elon acknowledged just how quickly everything was resolved and also wound up thanking us. We might have had to print out his tweet thanking us and also get it framed.

As to whether he is still a Freewallet individual, as a result of our discretion policy with our customers we can’t discuss that. And now that the dirt has resolved we are truly recognized to be the only platform he has– at the very least openly– claimed he utilizes. With a year like the one we simply had, it can just picture what’s next for us this year!

As cryptocurrency is a young sector, several nations are not really keen on utilizing it. Just how do you see it ending up being mainstream?

At this moment, I believe that crypto has actually developed itself for the long-term in a number of really essential areas. The majority of western countries and also Asian countries have populaces that are very interested in crypto. So, while perhaps it is not yet mainstream, it is extremely close to coming to be mainstream. And where we are now I think we are going to see a domino effect with a number of the other countries that are on the sidelines presently getting entailed.

The whole crypto movement was begun by individuals, not federal governments. I believe that is a vital thing to bear in mind, particularly when looking at locations that haven’t participated. There are methods for individuals all over the globe to obtain associated with crypto. Federal governments have actually lagged the sphere on identifying the potential of this industry and regulating it properly, so I think that if people are provided with available solutions they will quickly catch on.

A number of business are targeting the cryptocurrency market with making use of state-of the art technologies, such as AI. What does Freewallet strategy to introduce in the future to stay affordable?

Well, we see ourselves as the attaching factor between customers as well as a few of one of the most progressive blockchains available. We have remained in the sector for a bit now so we understand that adjustment is a consistent. Our objective is, as well as has constantly been, to supply our customers with the simplest as well as valuable solution they can locate.

If we establish that they are valuable and also dependable we function to integrate them right into our environment. AI is no different in that respect, if we can incorporate it in a method that is secure and beneficial for our individuals we will certainly function to see that occur.

What is your take on equipment purses? Are there prepares for presenting hardware pocketbooks?

Hardware budgets are a wonderful device for crypto proprietors. Among the lovely things about this industry is its variety. There are a multitude of various remedies offered to crypto lovers. As well as I think that due to the fact that there are numerous different alternatives, this sector has had the ability to grow in the manner in which it has. What we are concentrated on is giving a one-stop solution to cover our individuals’ financial as well as IT requires. Hardware wallets fall a little outside our purview, however that in no other way revokes them as a means of saving your crypto. It is just a different method. When it comes to storing and trading their funds, users can determine based on what their concerns are.

Taking motivation from TRON’s technical side with making use of blockchain– is it feasible to have AI- blockchain combination for more safety and security? Or do you assume cryptocurrency and AI don’t mix?

We appreciate the initiatives of the TRON structure to promote growth here. In addition to what they have been doing, the success of the NEO network has actually proven that AI and also crypto are completely suitable with each other, especially when it involves supply chain management. Protection is just one of the things we value most at Freewallet, so we are delighted to see exactly how this all creates.

Freewallet customers can now trade crypto inside of their pocketbooks in under a minute. We imagine Freewallet as a one-stop-shop where individuals can enjoy all the benefits from the crypto globe and execute all the necessary actions they would want to. We have a customer base that spans the globe, so the much more fiat currencies we can work with, the far better offered our user base will be. We still get a whole lot of beginners, specifically with the increase of new crypto customers that has occurred during the pandemic, however many of our users have grown and also our system has actually expanded with them. As to whether he is still a Freewallet user, due to the fact that of our privacy plan with our users we can not comment on that.

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