Gel support of the nails on the legs helps combat ingrowth and offers the feet a clean look

Summer will be, and also there will be sandals. As well as the toe nails again will certainly break as well as fracture from the unaccustomed freedom and also egotistic assaults of sand, dirt, streets and also beaches.

Or yellow from the intense lacquer, which is so drawing to apply, while all the nails can be seen.To stay clear of such issues, beauty parlor provide for the time of open footwear to do so-called fortifying of nails— coating them with gel, which is used for structure.

Reinforcing the nails on the legs is not an extension in the usual feeling of words. Include the claws of the nails on the legs no person will. It’s concerning protection. Real, if there is a defect of the nail, then with the assistance of the gel its shape can be brought back.

The procedure for enhancing the nails is revealed to all those that have irregular, fragile toe nails. Especially it is appropriate in the summertime, when nails, usually in tranquility and also shielded by pantyhose, socks and also closed footwear, are face to face with nature. In order not to hurt their tender significance, it is much better not to place experiments on survival, however to hide them under reputable cover. Normally, I had an inquiry: is it not hazardous, since the nail «does not breathe»?

The answer was straightforward: the nail platinum is fed not from the air, but through the capillary under the nail bed.

Gel reinforcement of the nails on the legs helps fight ingrowth and gives the feet a well-groomed appearance

In enhancement to enhancing and security, this treatment appropriates for those who have problems with ingrowth— according to the master, the cover, as it were,

stretches the nail, assisting it grow in the appropriate direction. Such a typical procedure costs 2000 rubles, but you can discover it for 1500. However, I was lucky even more: I found that it is possible to strengthen the nails and for 1200— in a brand-new location, in the photo lab «Persona», while the «test -drive «as well as there are appealing welcome-prices. Salon tempted not only the cost— I was curious to check out the place (even in the network process), which, «when everything was just starting,» in the capital had a reputation as one of the most stylish workshop, strongly engaged in imagination.

Time for the treatment ought to be allocated a minimum of an hour, to register far better ahead of time— to the masters of the pedicure turn. The office is provided in a laconic metropolitan design, a black leather armchair in which, in the air, the client sits, similar to a sophisticated throne. If the feet remain in a normal state, the conditioning can be done without an initial pedicure, yet the nails themselves still need to be put in order: to shape, peep, press and also get rid of the follicle, as well as procedure the nail roller. The master is really delighted with himself: he does not trouble with unneeded discussions, asks about the sensations, informs why she did this or that control.

After the nail plate is degreased, the very first layer of gel is related to it, and afterwards the foot ought to quickly be concealed in the light of the lamp, under which polymerization occurs. While one leg is brightened, gel is applied to the nails of the other. Enhancing, I made a decision to combine with the French manicure. Since the length of the nails was sufficient to do without build-up, the master ended up being a brush to draw white stripes directly on the white strips of my nails as well as promptly after attracting to send my foot under the light of the light. The hand of the master did not flinch, as well as the strips turned out flawlessly smooth— this ability constantly enthralled me.

Gel reinforcement of the nails on the legs helps fight ingrowth and gives the feet a well-groomed appearance

Suddenly, a nail on the little finger arised from the nothingness— with a white strip, he was typically too small to take it seriously, he came to be visually more and also got the look

of a full-fledged nail. In addition to the drawing the master once again used a layer of gel and also once again sent her legs under the light. Now they stayed there longer, to make sure that the gel lastly pinned and also froze to the nail.

After processing the nail roller, the master applied a shiny finish to the nail. By the way, the gel can be repainted with any type of shade enamel— it is quickly gotten rid of by the usual methods for removing varnish. The French does not vanish at the very same time. The finishing grows along with the nail, so that after about a month the bare uncut nail will certainly watch out at the base. Considering that the layer of gel is not thick, such an untidy noticeable difference, as occurs with the fingernails grown on the hands, there will be no legs, however somehow the nail that shows up have to be treated.

There are 2 options: either adjustment— strengthening the gel of the segment that showed up, or cutting the reinforcement. According to the master, because, once again, that the gel layer is not thick, the cutting procedure does not bring much injury to the nail. Both methods set you back 500 rubles.Strengthening with decoration price me 1350 rubles— the French jacket costs 150. Examine exactly how the new nails connect with sand as well as water, while the climate did not allow. The way my nails look, I’m delighted, as well as most significantly— the continuous problem that the nails in open shoes must look excellent, has passed— the»everlasting «pedicure eliminates this issue.

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