Getting Rid Of Scars With Essential Oils

I was walking in the dark from the kitchen to the backyard one night. The lights were out. A sudden flash of white light slammed into me. Shocked, I looked around, but couldn’t find anything until the light was on. I realized that I had walked through a thick, sliding glass door.

I was bleeding profusely from all the glass. My grandmother saw me and gave me an collective gasp. I ran to the bathroom and saw a large cut on my left eyebrow, along with other cuts on my back. I was upset because I had a weekend date with a beautiful woman and wanted to look my best.

It wasn’t meant to be. I ended up in the emergency room being stitched up.

The Difference Between Normal Skin and Scars

Scarring can be very unpleasant. Scars can often be unattractive and something you would prefer to avoid. These marks are caused by the penetration of your second layer. The more severe the cuts, the more obvious they will be. Your body activates its natural repair system when the skin is damaged and starts to fix the tissue with collagen.

This collagen is not the same as normal collagen. It is less functional as it contains fibrous connective tissues that are insoluble fibrin. This type of fibrin means that the new tissue has grown in one direction. This is different from the higher quality normal tissue (soluble fiber) that forms basket weave alignment. This is the best type of skin that can grow in multiple directions. This new collagen is also less elastic than normal skin because it contains less elastin.

Essential Oils for Scars

It is amazing to witness the miracle of God creating plants. They can grow from a seed to beautiful flowers, trees, or other forms of plant. This is how nature works. Complex healing properties are inherent to plants. They were created to allow them to heal themselves. You can cut off a branch and a new one will grow to replace it. This healing power can be tapped into through essential oils.

Essential oils can be 75 to 100x more powerful than dried herbs. Essential oils can be used to treat scarring. We can obtain the healing qualities of essential oils for our own use. Essential oils are highly concentrated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts of seeds, roots, stems and bark, as well as leaves, fruits, and other parts of plants.

The healing properties of essential oils contain complex networks of molecules that have different effects on the body. They are so powerful in overcoming the disease that it is possible to avoid unnecessary medication and surgeries if they are used correctly. They can also be used to complement or assist existing methods, if necessary.

Carrier Oils are a Required Partner in Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful and potent, so you must make sure they are safe for use on your skin. This can be done by diluting essential oils with a milder, complimentary oil. These are called carrier oils. There are many good reasons to combine essential oils and carrier oils.

  • Carrier oils not only dilute essential oils, but they also have beneficial properties that work together.
  • Essential oils can easily evaporate. It is also very easy for essential oils to be absorbed too quickly by your skin. Carrier oils solve both these problems since they don’t evaporate quickly and slowly control the absorption essential oils into your skin.
  • Carrier oils can retain essential oil nutrition for longer than other forms.
  • Some essential oils can dry out, even though they contain valuable vitamins and are very healthy. Carrier oils are a way to combat this drying effect by keeping the skin moisturized.

There are many carrier oils you can use . Here are some most popular oils:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Safflower oil
Essential Oils That Work on Scars

Here’s a list essential oils that are particularly effective for scars.

Carrot Seed

Healthy skin cell formation is promoted naturally. It is great for treating acne scars.

Cedar Wood

This reduces scarring and speeds up the healing process. Also, it can reduce scarring from the past.


Reduces scarring, stretch marks, and dark circles. Frankincense stimulates the growth and development of new skin cells that grow over scar tissue, eventually smoothing the skin.


Reduces the appearance of acne scarring, minimizes scar irritation, fights infections, and evens out skin tones.


Promotes the regeneration of damaged skin. This is one of the best natural ways to reduce stretch marks. It can reduce scarring or even eliminate them altogether. It works wonders for deeper scars such as chickenpox.


It can penetrate deeper into the skin to quickly remove scarring. It can be used to immediately heal scarring or to reduce existing scarring.


Lemon essential oil contains Vitamin C, which fights bacteria. This makes it a great remedy to acne scarring. Lemon oil lightens the skin, encouraging new cell formation. This stimulates collagen production and diminishes acne scarring.


Your scars will look significantly better. It improves blood circulation, tone blood capillaries and lifts the skin. It also manages your skin’s flexibility.


It promotes the growth of new skin around scars. Scars will eventually fade.

How to Apply Scars

First, combine the essential oils you choose with a carrier oil you choose. The amount you use will depend on the scar. You would typically mix 10 drops essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. This should be enough for most cases. Apply the solution to the wounds with a cotton swab. It is a good idea to apply the solution twice daily. Depending on which essential oil you use, and how severe the scarring is, healing can take anywhere from one week to twelve weeks.


You will be surprised at the results essential oils can make on scarring. It is possible to avoid unnecessary surgery and medication if essential oils are used correctly. If you do choose to have surgery, essential oils can be used to complement it and help with healing. Essential oils can have a positive impact on your skin. You should only purchase essential oils that are 100% pure, therapeutic-quality, and USDA-certified organic. Your skin is worth it.

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